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Scarlett Johansson makes the rare move of posing in a sexy dress in images shared to Instagram… after Tom Cruise said he would ‘love’ to work with her

Scarlett Johansson is in the best shape of her life.
The Marvel star smoldered in new ads for David Yurman jewelry where she wore a pale blue dress that highlighted her incredible figure.

The 38-year-old star wore her blonde hair back and modeled some of the gold pieces from the Lexington collection.
The star – who was born Scarlett Ingrid Johansson – does not have an Instagram account of her own so it is very rare to find new sexy images of her on social media.

The Avengers star has said she is too sensitive for the social media landscape.
‘I honestly am too fragile a person to have social media. I can’t. My ego is too fragile,’ Johansson said while guesting on The Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast. ‘My brain is too fragile. I’m like a delicate flower.’

David Yurman was the company that shared the smoldering images and video on Wednesday.
‘Double down on glamour,’ the caption read.

‘#ScarlettJohansson relaxes poolside in layers of Lexington at the wrist and neck, with a diamond Chevron pinky ring for a sparkling finishing touch,’ she said.
Johansson is married to Saturday Night Live vet Colin Jost.
The movie star has two children: daughter Rose Dorothy, eight, with her ex-husband Romain Dauriac, and her son Cosmo, age two, with Jost.
Scarlet, also known as ScarJo, was the world’s highest-paid actress in 2018 and 2019. She has been featured multiple times on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list. Time named her one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2021.
These days she keeps a lower profile, but she still works all the time.

Her last film was Asteroid City.
Her next film is North Star with Sienna Miller and Kristin Scott Thomas.
The film is about three sisters that return to their home for the third wedding of their twice-widowed mother. But the mother and daughters are forced to revisit the past and confront the future, with help from a colorful group of unexpected wedding guests.
This posting comes after news that Tom Cruise would ‘love’ to make a movie with Johansson.
The 60-year-old actor is a huge fan of the Hollywood star, describing Scarlett as being ‘enormously talented’, and Tom has revealed that he’d love to work with her one day.
He told Entertainment Tonight: ‘I’d love to make a movie with her! I’ve been wanting to make movie with her. She is enormously talented. So charismatic, versatile. She has great physical ability obviously.’

Tom made the comments shortly after Scarlett, 38, revealed that she’d also love to work with the Top Gun actor.
The actress has worked with a host of big-name stars during her career, including the likes of Javier Bardem, Robert Downey Jr, and Bill Murray, and she now wants to team-up with Tom on a film project.
Asked who else she wants to work with, Scarlett told The Hollywood Reporter: ‘I’d love to work with Tom Cruise.’
Meanwhile, Tom previously revealed that he doesn’t take any time off from work because he’s ‘living the dream’.
The actor has enjoyed huge success during his career, and he remains as enthusiastic as ever.
Speaking to Bella magazine, Tom explained: ‘Look, I’m fortunate, I’m lucky. I’ve spent my life on movie sets and travelling the world, which is what I always wanted to do; so this is not work – I’m living the dream.’

Tom has also described his starring role in 1986’s Top Gun as a ‘life-changing’ moment for him. The veteran movie star told HELLO! magazine: ‘All I ever wanted to be was a pilot or an actor, so ‘Top Gun’ was a huge moment in so many respects, including my passion for aviation. It was life-changing for me.’

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Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song’s sons make first public appearance at actor’s Hollywood Walk of Fame induction

Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song’s sons made their first public appearance at the actor’s Walk of Fame ceremony Thursday.

The Disney Channel alum, 35, was photographed holding their 1-year-old son, Carson, while sitting next to the “Home Alone” actor.

The couple appeared in good spirits as Culkin, 43, leaned down to kiss the tot, who was wearing a sweater vest, tan sweater, blue pants while sucking on a purple pacifier.

Meanwhile, their eldest son Dakota, 2, was sitting a few rows back with a friend of the couple during the ceremony before taking a few pics with mom and dad.

He was wearing a blue sweatsuit fit with black combat boots, as his hair was styled in a mohawk.

“I’d like to thank Brenda. You’re absolutely everything,” Culkin said during his acceptance speech, per People. “You’re the best person I’ve ever known.”

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The “My Girl” star and Song — who have been together since 2017 — tend to keep their kids out of the spotlight and refrain from posting them on social media.

The duo didn’t even announce the arrival of Carson last year and instead, the actor’s brother Kieran Culkin confirmed the news a few days after an initial report was released.

While talking about his family in an Access Hollywood interview in March, the “Succession” star revealed that he hadn’t met Carson due to his “busy” work schedule and the struggle of traveling with kids.

“Well, the cousins live in Los Angeles, we live in New York,” he said at the time. “I have a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old [daughter] and as busy as I am there is no getting on a plane and going.”

“I haven’t met No. 2 yet and they haven’t met [my] No. 2 yet either cause we just haven’t been able to figure that out,” Kieran continued, referring to the two kids he shares with wife Jazz Charton.

Carson’s birthdate is unknown while Dakota was born on April 5, 2021.

Meanwhile, it was confirmed Macaulay and Song got engaged sometime after their oldest was born as the actress was seen with a massive rock on her hand in January 2021.

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