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Marvel Star Scarlett Johansson Demanded $17,500,000 For a Non MCU Movie That Lost $60 Million After a Disaster Box Office Run

Though it doesn’t directly concern us, the topic of actor salaries has a curious hold on our attention. We’re drawn to the financial figures these stars command for various reasons, with one notably important aspect for this list being the ability to gauge their value in relation to the films they headline. Scarlett Johansson is no stranger to fat paycheques.
However, envision having to listen to numerous interviews detailing the grueling nature of the shoot, the taxing hours, and the arduous on-location filming, all for the minimum Screen Actors Guild (SAG) rate of $60,000. The outcome, of course, hinges on the final result. DiCaprio’s portrayal was exceptional, and the movie’s box office returns were staggering. In this instance, it worked out favorably. Yet, such favorable outcomes are not always guaranteed.

Scarlett Johansson Got A Huge Payday For This FilmScarlett Johansson secured a substantial paycheck for her role in Ghost in the Shell. The project carried significant weight – the protagonist was a woman, and Johansson received compensation comparable to her male counterparts. Furthermore, the production faced controversy related to the issue of whitewashing.
The final factor cast a shadow over the entire situation, notably impacting the disappointing box office figures. With that being acknowledged, it’s essential to note that the film itself was lacking in quality. While the $60 million loss can’t solely be attributed to the issue of whitewashing, it certainly didn’t contribute positively to the situation.

They opted for a bold move by selecting Scarlett Johansson, who is distinctly Caucasian. However, when you consider that Johansson commanded a salary of $17.5 million, the rationale behind this casting risk becomes considerably perplexing.
Scarlett Johansson Sued Disney In 2021Back in 2021, renowned MCU star Scarlett Johansson initiated a battle against the entertainment behemoth. Johansson alleged that Disney violated their agreement by launching her individual MCU film, Black Widow, concurrently on both their streaming service and in cinemas.

Consequently, on the 29th of July, 2021, Scarlett Johansson lodged a legal complaint against the corporation. The lawsuit contended that “Disney intentionally induced Marvel’s breach of the agreement, without justification, in order to prevent Ms Johansson from realizing the full benefit of her bargain with Marvel.”
As a consequence of Disney’s contractual breach, the actress encountered a financial setback, given that her compensation hinged on her film’s box office achievements. Despite Black Widow making a robust debut at $80 million, the movie subsequently underwent a significant downturn of 67% due to the hybrid release, leading to its sharp decline.

Furthermore, Scarlett Johansson emerged victorious in her legal battle against Disney, and the two entities managed to find common ground and reconcile their differences following the resolution of the legal conflict.

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MCU Star Scarlett Johansson Made Fun of Thor 2 Star During Their Time in Together in $30M Indie Film: “For every one of his steps, I took like four”

Scarlett Johansson’s filmography boasts of a wide array of eclectic and memorable characters. Debuting as a child star, her breakthrough role as Charlotte in Lost in Translation made her a recognizable talent in Hollywood. With films like Vicky Christina Barcelona, Match Point, and her successful MCU stint as Black Widow, Johansson cemented her place in the big leagues.
Her latest project saw the celebrity playing a 1950s star in Wes Anderson’s critically acclaimed independent film Asteroid City which opened at the Cannes film festival. Apart from Scarlett Johansson, the film had a huge ensemble cast of glittering big names including Tom Hanks, Jason Schwartzman, Margot Robbie, Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, Steve Carell, and Matt Dillon to name a few. Veteran actor and Thor 2 star Jeff Goldblum rounded up the impressive cast and was part of a funny memory on the sets for Scarlett Johansson.

Scarlett Johansson Couldn’t Keep Up With Jeff GoldblumScarlett Johansson played a small but significant role in Wes Anderson’s recent release Asteroid City. The Marvel star and her co-actor Jason Schwartzman spoke about the memorable experiences working with Wes Anderson and the impressive bunch of superstars who were also part of the film. Johansson recalled many unforgettable moments on set including sharing workout schedules with Jurassic Park star Jeff Goldblum which turned out to be extremely interesting given their difference in physical stature.
“It was inpiring. For every one of his steps, I took like four. He was just slowly walking”

Johansson further added that her short time on the set felt like an extensive period of wonderful experiences that she will cherish forever thanks to director Wes Anderson’s unique cinematic sensibilities and her rapport with her co-stars.
Scarlett Johansson’s Hope For Asteroid CityWes Anderson’s Asteroid City which premiered in May, deals with world-changing supernatural events that spectacularly disrupt the itinerary of a Junior Stargazer/Space Cadet convention in an American desert town in the 1950s. Scarlett Johansson plays a 50s movie star who forms a bond with a widower and his child played by Jason Schwartzman. Speaking of her takeaways from the film, Johansson said,

“I think the film has an existential quality to it. I think just being able to sit and let the movie wash over you and also take from it in return – living with those characters and these vulnerabilities that are exposed as they encounter one another which ends up telling you a lot about themselves”.
The Black Widow star believed that the film succeeded in allowing audiences to reflect on their lives through these characters while the subtle storytelling ensured that the message was seamlessly delivered as opposed to forcibly drilled in.

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