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15 Fast & Furious Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

Water is always wet, the sky is blue, and moviegoers can bet that there will always be a Fast and Furious movie on the way. The Hollywood blockbuster franchise is as ubiquitous as Marvel or Star Wars, and its films span nearly two decades of human history now. Given most studios’ penchant for reboots and restarts, that’s really saying something.

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Of course, any media franchise as massive as Fast & Furious is bound to have detractors, and the series is often lambasted by critics as vapid and uninteresting. Yet, huge action movies with obvious narrative arcs have been around for decades, and criticizing a film for typifying its genre seems somewhat silly. Equally silly, however, are the hundreds of memes about Fast & Furious that have cropped up over the past decade.

Updated on April 15, 2022 by Tanner Fox: Released on June 25. 2021, the latest installment in the Fast & Furious franchise, simply titled F9 proved that, boisterous as it has become, the franchise isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The forthcoming tenth mainline installment is currently slated for 2023 and will introduce actress Brie Larson to the series, further confirming that the film series’ final ride won’t be for quite some time. Still, with every entry, the franchise becomes more overblown and convoluted. Originally about a band of small-time car thieves, it’s since developed into an action saga comparable to something like the A-Team. The Fast and Furious memes, at this point, just about make themselves.

Nobody Knows How To Drive Stick Anymore
Fast and Furious gearbox meme.

Gear shifting, no other action movie franchise has made such a mundane driving action more intense. In fact, you can frequently see the protagonists of any Fast and Furious movie rocking the stick shift quickly enough to throw a rod. Of course, they’ve got the technical know-how to revive even the most overworked engine, so they’ve earned the right to treat their vehicles roughly.

By default, most racing cars only have a healthy maximum of eight forward gears. Any more than that, and you’re probably driving a rocket ship to Mars or got swindled by a car dealership into buying a car with bogus gearboxes because you’re bald and like to wear tight shirts.

Family Is Everything, Morty
Fast and Furious Rick and Morty Meme

In the modern Fast and Furious films, Dominic Toretto is something akin to a superhero. Able to survive countless near-death scenarios and pull off incredible feats, he’s like a less timid version of Rick and Morty’s Morty Smith. With that in mind, it’s easy to forget that, when the series first started, he was a relatively small-time car thief who had absolutely nothing to do with international conspiracies.

Today, however, his actions seem to have more bearing on geopolitics than some world leaders, and the government is seemingly able to rope him into whatever mission they’ve got planned with the simple mention of family.

A meme about the many Fast and Furious sequels.

There are only so many different variations of movie names available, even if “fast” and “furious” are the only consistent words in the franchise. Numbers do make things easier, but then people will probably get intimidated by the fact that they made nearly 10 of these movies already. Thankfully, the plots of the Fast & Furious movies are almost always self-contained, meaning that seeing the previous installment is rarely necessary.

Honestly, even listening to the movie’s dialogue is optional; all a viewer would have to do is shut off their brain for a few minutes until the next action or racing scene kicks in, and the movie will still make just as much sense.

When You’re Here, You’re Family
Fast and Furious Olive Garden Meme.

Dominic Toretto’s love of family is one of the most oft-memed aspects of the Fast and Furious franchise. There’s nothing wrong with being close to friends and relatives, but he takes things to a new level, bringing up his love and respect for those around him whenever he gets the chance.

Imagine how elated Dominic would feel were he to walk into an Olive Garden and be greeted with their famous slogan “when you’re here, you’re family.” His infatuation with the restaurant chain would ensure that the next five Fast and Furious installments take place mostly within an Olive Garden.

The Perils Of Going TOO Fast
Driving Causes Hair loss Fast and Furious Meme.

It’s no secret that being bald makes you look tougher, just take a look at Bruce Willis, Walter White from Breaking Bad, or Mr. Clean. Here, fans just chalk it up to male pattern baldness associated with car speeds past 150 mph. The faster you go, the balder you get, and to be honest, everyone looks incredibly tough.

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Having a head full of hair makes Brian O’Conner —or anyone, really—stand out like a sore thumb, however.

Every Vin Has Its Diesel
Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in a Fast and Furious meme.

The ever-rising cost of fuel is on the minds of many these days, and it apparently has some Fast and Furious fans taking to some ridiculous extremes. The actor’s last name may be Diesel, but there’s a pretty good chance that he’s not actually made out of diesel.

Interestingly enough, Vin Diesel is just a stage name—he originally went by Mark Sinclair. That’s a much less interesting name, but he may want to consider reverting to it lest Fast and Furious fans come after the precious fuel flowing through his veins.

Just Shave It
Fast and Furious 7 Barber Meme

By far the most sincerely heartfelt scene in the Fast and Furious movies is Brian parting ways with Dom. This served as a tribute and nod to Paul Walker, who had passed away during the filming for Furious 7. Needless to say, it was one of those few rare meaningful film sequences in the franchise, especially for those who’ve been keeping track of the two since The Fast and the Furious (2001).

Needless to say, it’s a sure way to get grown men crying, even those who are bald and like to look tough. It has also launched a thousand memes that are unrelated to the franchise but somehow best explain certain situations. That haircut looks painful, though.

Nothing Is Stronger Than Family
Fast and Furious Family Password Meme.

The phrase “nothing is stronger than family” stands among the most meme-worthy phrases in the Fast and Furious franchise. Dominic Toretto offers variations of this quote multiple times in every installment, and, whenever a script calls for a touching moment, fans can bet that Dom and his love of family will at least be mentioned.

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To Dom, the terms “family” and “strength” are just about interchangeable, and, one might easily assume that, for a password to be strong, there’s really only one logical option. As a result, he probably has the least secure online presence of anyone in the world.

Fast & Furious 50: More Faster, More Furiouser
A meme about the fiftieth Fast and Furious meme.

As a big star, Vin Diesel has been in a ton of great movies over the years, and there’s no reason to suggest that he’ll slow down—metaphorically or literally—any time soon. Fast & Furious 50 might be a joke, but, at this rate, it might eventually become a reality. They just have to keep cranking more Fast and Furious films every six months or so.

What’s more likely is that the serious will take a several-year hiatus, and then the crew, now gray and balder than ever, will return for “one last ride” which inevitably spills into an all-new series of sequels. That was essentially the plot of The Expendables, and that’s about to get its fourth installment.

So, What Do You Want For It?
Fast and Furious Pawn Stars Meme

Big-budget action films are often accused of advancing wafer-thin plots in order to focus almost completely on huge action sequences. For some theatergoers, there’s nothing better than a big, dumb action movie, but, with nine mainline installments, the Fast and Furious franchise’s brainless plots are beginning to rub some the wrong way.

Rather than crafting some genuinely engaging plot points or including some honest, heartfelt moments, Fast and Furious movies tend to prattle on about things like family and togetherness. They’ve become about as formulaic as the average Pawn Stars episode.

The Fast & Furious Multiverse
A meme about Fast and Furious taking place in space.

Looks like space is the final frontier after all, though “final” might be an overstatement. After all, if a studio can make more than 10 movies about fast cars, short tempers, and even shorter hairstyles, they’re bound to run out of roads on Earth where asphalt and wheels are viable.

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The funniest thing about this is that it might have begun as a meme but it actually came to fruition. F9 legitimately took two characters out into space in one of the weirdest scenes in franchise history.

Less Faster, More Furious
Kermit in a Fast and Furious meme.

It’s no wonder why the Fast and Furious franchise has become such a success. Just take a quick look at the posters; a combination of cars, muscle mass, and guns are a winning formula to rake in a major audience.

It’s too bad the franchise drifted away from the street racing aspect of the first three films and gravitated more towards guns and over-the-top action sequences, along with the frequent dash of global terror conspiracies, secret agents, and incompetent military factions. It doesn’t get wilder than that, and the first three films almost feel like they’re a part of a totally separate franchise.

Nitro Not Included
A meme from the movie Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Automobiles are more disposable than underwear in the Fast and Furious films, and most cars will end up either totaled, crushed, or stolen. That’s probably why they’re not worth much in the films and why they’re being given like pancakes to the current protagonist.

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In fact, the only car that a protagonist had to work for was the first film’s 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse, although this was back in the day when Fast and Furious was about racing. In reality, the racing car alone would have made the jobless protagonists broke.

Looks Like A Job For Michael Bay
Fast and Furious And Dinosaurs Meme

Well, the filmmakers did mention the prospect of outer space for the franchise, so why not just jump the shark entirely? Why not add in aliens, time travel, and most crucially, dinosaurs who can outrun a muscle car? On second thought, maybe gas became a bit too expensive in the future and the crew had to saddle up and ride some dinosaurs, instead.

In any case, who could say no to Vin Diesel riding and racing with “Hero T-Rex.” By the way, that “T” stands for testosterone, something Michael Bay will excessively lend to the production if he ever gets a hold of the Fast and Furious franchise.

Buckle Up
Fast and Furious 10 Meme

Calm down and take a seat, they’re not casting Matt Damon, nor Hugh Jackman. Nor are they bringing back Paul Walker’s ghost in Fast & Furious 9; that’s merely a fan-made poster full of wishful thinking. With Fast & Furious 9 already in the rearview mirror, fans just can’t help but wonder what’s in store for the 10th installment.

Since there was a Fast 5, it stands to reason that the tenth installment should be called Fast 10. Just think of all the puns and dad jokes one could come up with such a movie title.

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Fast & Furious 11’s Franchise-Ending Updates Makes The Rock’s New Hobbs Spinoff Even More Confusing


Fast & Furious 11 will be the final ride for the franchise, closing the Toretto chapter after many years of success and some recent disappointments.
The status of The Rock’s Hobbs spinoff, Hobbs & Reyes, is uncertain as plans for the franchise’s finale have undergone changes.
While Fast 11 may mark the end of the main series, there is potential for Johnson’s character Hobbs to continue with solo adventures in the aftermath.

The latest update for Fast and Furious 11 suggests the saga truly is coming to a close soon – leaving Dwayne Johnson’s planned Hobbs spinoff in a strange place. After struggling for about a decade to find his footing as a leading man, The Rock finally broke through with his supporting role in Fast Five. His character Hobbs was essentially a human tank chasing after Dom (Vin Diesel) and his gang, and Johnson completely stole the 2011 sequel.

He continued with the Fast and Furious movies for several entries, but after a high-profile falling out with Diesel during The Fate of the Furious, he exited. Of course, Johnson’s stardom was at the point where he could focus on his own project, though he did reteam with Jason Statham for spinoff Hobbs and Shaw. In Fast X’s mid-credits scene, Johnson made a shock return as Hobbs – after previously vowing to never return to the main series. This brief scene teased the upcoming spinoff Hobbs & Reyes, where Johnson’s character will face off against Jason Momoa’s vengeful Reyes.

Fast & Furious 11’s Finale Plans Make The Rock’s Hobbs Movie Confusing
Hobbs & Reyes’ status needs to be confirmed
Dominic Toretto overtop Fast X scene of cast eating at table

Before the release of the 2023 sequel, star and producer Diesel suggested Fast and Furious 11 might not be the end, as originally planned. Instead, Diesel said the finale could be extended to two more installments, but following Fast X’s disappointing box office performance, the story will indeed wrap up with one last ride. In a recent Instagram post, Diesel confirmed the eleventh outing will be “the grand finale” – which makes the current status of Hobbs & Reyes a tad confusing.

Vin Diesel looking serious as Dom in Fast X. Related Fast & Furious 11’s Franchise-Ending Plans Reaffirmed By Vin Diesel In Emotional Development Update VIn Diesel offers an update on Fast & Furious 11’s development, reaffirming the next sequel will be the end for the mainline franchise.

There hasn’t been much heard about the offshoot since it was first confirmed in 2023, though it’s said to bridge the gap between Fast X and the next outing. Whether this means it will resolve the latter’s cliffhanger ending or feature any other main entry cast members are also unknown.

Fast 11
is truly arriving in April 2025, that doesn’t leave much time for
Hobbs & Reyes
to enter production and come out before its release date. Unless the project has already begun filming in secret – which feels very doubtful – there are signs the plan for Hobbs’ next adventure have changed.

How The Rock’s New Fast & Furious Movies Will Tie Into Fast 11
Will the spinoff truly bridge the gap between Fast X & 11?
Hobbs and Dante Reyes looking sideways in the Fast and Furious movies

When the spinoff was announced, the intention was for Hobbs & Reyes to take place between parts ten and eleven, and set the stage for the latter. Given the tepid response to Fast X, reports suggest the roadmap for Fast 11 has changed. These changes are said to include a new villain to replace Reyes and a more streamlined narrative that will take the series back to basics. Given how bloated the last chapter felt, these alterations sound like they’re for the best, but they don’t bode well for Hobbs & Reyes.

Given that it was Hobbs who pulled the trigger on his father in Fast Five, it makes all the sense in the world that Momoa’s Reyes would seek revenge on Hobbs. If anything, the pairing of Johnson and Momoa sounds epic, and if Fast and Furious 11 truly is getting a new antagonist, it would work in the finale’s favor if Hobbs took down Reyes before then. Again, the lack of visible movement on Hobbs & Reyes puts a giant question mark on it, since it doesn’t appear it will beat Fast 11 to the big screen.

Will Fast & Furious Truly End After Fast 11?
Is it the end of the road for Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs too?

All of this leads to the central question: will Fast and Furious 11 actually end the entire franchise, or will it branch off in a new direction? Assuming Hobbs & Reyes doesn’t beat the next entry to theaters as originally planned, it would be odd for Fast 11 to “end” the saga, only for Johnson’s Hobbs to have a solo adventure straight after. It would be stranger for Hobbs & Reyes to arrive before the next sequel and become a hit, which would surely lead to calls for more sequels, undermining Fast and Furious 11’s ending claims.

Fast & Furious Movies Featuring The Rock Release Year Fast Five 2011 Fast & Furious 6 2013 Furious 7 2015 The Fate of the Furious 2017 Hobbs & Shaw 2019 Fast X 2023

The franchise was largely bulletproof for many years, but the reception to both Fast X and F9: The Fast Saga has shown cracks in the armor. Two decades on, it’s about time to wrap up the Toretto chapter and let the family enjoy their barbeques in peace without being targeted by the vengeful third cousin of a past villain. Fast and Furious 11 must deliver on its promise to end this part of the series – but there’s no reason Johnson’s Hobbs couldn’t continue for solo adventures in the aftermath either.

Watch Fast X on Prime Video

Source: Vin Diesel/Instagram

Fast and Furious 11 temp poster Fast and Furious 11 Fast and Furious 11 is the final movie in the Fast Saga. It reunites Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto with the rest of the cast for one last ride. However, the franchise is open for spinoff films like Hobbs & Shaw afterward.Release Date April 4, 2025 Distributor(s) Universal Pictures

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The Rock Will Have To Save Fast & Furious Again 14 Years After Doing It In Fast Five


The Rock’s return to Fast & Furious signals the end of his beef with Vin Diesel and a pivot in his career.
Fast 11 needs a streamlined approach, shedding excess characters and bloated plots to regain momentum.
The franchise has evolved significantly since Fast Five, but Hobbs’ return may be crucial to its future success.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s first appearance in the Fast and Furious saga drove it to new heights, but over a decade on, can he do it all again? The Rock was such a charismatic presence during his WWE days that he felt like a natural fit for movie stardom – but it was a long road to get there. Most of his early star vehicles like The Rundown underperformed, and he was soon relegated to mediocre kids’ movies like The Tooth Fairy. It wasn’t until he was cast as Hobbs in Fast Five that his star persona finally clicked.

Hobbs evolved from an enemy to an ally of Dom’s (Vin Diesel) crew and scored his own spinoff with 2019’s Hobbs & Shaw. Outside of the Fast & Furious franchise, Johnson’s career took off in a major way too, with a run of hits that included his Jumanji sequels and Rampage. His high-profile falling out with Vin Diesel made it appear he would never return to the main series, but Fast X’s mid-credits sequence revealed Hobbs was indeed coming back, and being targeted by new villain Reyes (Jason Momoa).


Related Fast & Furious’ Next Movie Must End The Franchise’s 9-Year Downward Trend

The Rock’s Fast & Furious Return Comes Alongside Fast X’s Box Office Disappointment
Will Johnson’s Hobbs come to the rescue of Dom and friends?
Custom image of Dwayne Johnson a Hobbs in Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw Custom image by Debanjana Chowdhury

Just how much Hobbs and Dom will interact in the upcoming Fast and Furious 11 remains to be seen, but Johnson and Diesel at least appear to be on speaking terms again. Fast X’s Hobbs scene was a genuine surprise to fans, and it couldn’t have happened at a better time. The tenth installment was a troubled production, with original helmer Justin Lin quitting the project and being replaced by Louis Leterrier. The movie’s budget also ballooned to $340 million (via The Numbers), with Fast X’s eventual $714 million gross being seen as a disappointment by Universal.

The sequel was greeted with unenthused reviews too, and there are signs of general audience fatigue with the whole saga. Hobbs was missed during the last two entries, with the character being a good counterbalance to Dom’s self-serious presence, and while Hobbs & Shaw had issues of its own, it was more entertaining than Fast X. Johnson is a natural fit for this intentionally overblown franchise, and he brings a welcome amount of humor and macho energy to proceedings.

Fast & Furious Needs To Regain Momentum Ahead Of Fast X, Part 2
Fast 11 needs to get audiences excited again

A big sin of Fast X is that it reheated plot beats and twists the series had covered already, including yet another villain seeking revenge for the defeat of a family member. Most of the cast were split up into smaller groups, and the film had too many subplots and characters to track. If followers of the series felt fatigued by how bloated the narrative was, the film must have been near incomprehensible to newcomers. There are reports that Fast and Furious 11 will go back to basics, with a simple mission and a new villain.

Stripping away the excess – both in terms of characters and sidequests – will be crucial to Fast 11 regaining some sense of momentum. Even the action sequences in Fast X were lacking in genuine thrills or invention, and for a movie with “Fast” in the title, it didn’t feel very propulsive. Like with the purported superhero fatigue currently affecting the MCU, audiences may be getting weary of Fast and Furious’ bag of tricks. If part eleven is truly the end of the road, it really needs to focus on delivering an emotionally satisfying, flab-free outing.

The Next Fast & Furious Movies Can’t Repeat Fast X’s Mistakes
Hobbs and Reyes should take note from Fast X’s reception
A custom of Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto and Jason Momoa as Dante Reyes in Fast X

Alongside the next sequel, Johnson and Momoa will square off in Hobbs & Reyes, which is set to bridge the gap between Fast X and Fast 11. Given the hammy energy Momoa brought to the sociopathic Reyes, the pairing of him and Johnson should make the spinoff a fun one. An advantage of the Hobbs’ spinoffs is they’re free to untangle themselves from the baggage of the main story and can play with the rules a little. Hobbs vs Reyes already indicates a leaner storyline, but the next main entry isn’t so lucky.

Fast X’s cliffhanger ending left too many plates spinning, including the fates of Dom, his son and most of the gang after Reyes outsmarted them all. Presumably, the outcome of this will have to wait until Fast and Furious 11 is released, though if Hobbs and Reyes is set between the two sequels, the spinoff may have to deal with some of Fast X’s fallout too. If the news of the next sequel focusing on a single mission is true, this is a step in the right direction.

The tenth movie pulled itself into too many directions, so Fast 11 needs a streamlined approach. It doesn’t require any more wacky plot twists or surprise family members and must deliver on the promise of closing out the current era of the series. Instead of holding out for yet another sequel, Diesel should focus his creative energies on giving Dom and pals the sendoff they deserve, and realize that Fast X’s maximalist hurt the movie.

Fast & Furious (& The Rock’s Career) Have Changed A Lot Since Fast Five
Johnson’s return doesn’t guarantee a Fast & Furious return to form
A custom image featuring Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs in the Fast and Furious movies Custom image by Debanjana Chowdhury

Every Fast & Furious Featuring Hobbs Release Year Fast Five 2011 Fast and Furious 6 2013 Furious 7 2015 The Fate of the Furious 2017 Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw 2019 Fast X 2023

Johnson’s Fast and Furious comeback is exciting because it means the beef between him and Diesel is officially squashed, and that Hobbs is no longer an outcast from the main storyline. That’s all good news, but in reality, Johnson’s career outside the property has changed in recent years. While his box office record was once unimpeachable, Johnson’s returning off the back of the high-profile failure of Black Adam, and the critical drubbing faced by projects like Red Notice.

In truth, the decision to return to Fast and Furious was likely to give his own career a little boost. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but while he’s arguably the biggest star of the main cast, The Rock could use a couple of solid box-office hits too. The main Fast and Furious films have changed a lot since Hobbs’ debut in the fifth film. Fast Five officially marked the turning point where they switched from street race action movies to the global-hopping blockbusters they transformed into.

The series is barely recognizable from its early days and has only become more outlandish. Hobbs’ return obviously won’t have the same impact as his Fast Five introduction, but it should at least signal the end of the series is near and all the key players will be there. If the franchise is to continue beyond the Toretto clan, Johnson’s Hobbs is the natural way to go, so he may be responsible for saving Fast and Furious in more ways than one.

Fast X
is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

Source: The Numbers

Fast and Furious 11 temp poster Fast and Furious 11 Fast and Furious 11 is the final movie in the Fast Saga. It reunites Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto with the rest of the cast for one last ride. However, the franchise is open for spinoff films like Hobbs & Shaw afterward.Release Date April 4, 2025 Distributor(s) Universal Pictures

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Fast & Furious 11’s Franchise-Ending Plans Reaffirmed By Vin Diesel In Emotional Development Update


Fast & Furious 11
marks the end of the mainline franchise, with Vin Diesel confirming the finale in an emotional Instagram post.
Diesel shared that story meetings for the movie are complete, promising an incredibly powerful conclusion to the Fast Saga.
While the mainline franchise will conclude with
Fast & Furious 11
, spinoff films like
Hobbs & Shaw
will continue the series in the future.

While progress continues on the various spinoffs, Vin Diesel reaffirms Fast & Furious 11 will be the end for the mainline franchise in a new development update. The next installment in the long-running action franchise had been announced at the same time as Fast X’s development, with the plans for the movies to be a two-part sendoff for the series. After an initial pause due to the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes in 2023, Universal quickly got to work on putting together the script for Fast 11, with subsequent reports varying on how it would tackle its predecessor’s cliffhanger ending.

With just over a year remaining until its scheduled release date, Diesel took to his Instagram to offer an update on Fast & Furious 11’s development.

In his post, as seen above, the star/producer emotionally reflected on the franchise’s journey thus far, particularly as he reaffirms that the next movie will be the end for the mainline franchise. Diesel also offered a promising update on the movie’s development, confirming that the story meetings are finished and promising a finale in which “incredibly powerful is an understatement”.

Will The Fast & Furious Franchise Continue After 11?

Despite once being a dominant franchise at the box office, the end for Fast & Furious quickly seemed inevitable in recent years as the financial returns began dropping. While F9: The Fast Saga’s box office numbers could be chalked up to its mid-pandemic release, Fast X’s didn’t fare much better, despite touting a production budget over $100 million larger than its predecessor. This all points to a general waning interest among audiences akin to the recent superhero fatigue affecting the Marvel Cinematic Universe and remaining DC Extended Universe releases.

Though Diesel’s post confirms the end of the mainline franchise, it doesn’t mean Fast & Furious can’t continue after the upcoming eleventh movie. It was confirmed in mid 2023 that development was underway on a new standalone sequel entitled Hobbs & Reyes, with Dwayne Johnson continuing his role after his surprise return in Fast X and Jason Momoa reprising his villain role. Around the same time, Johnson also confirmed that Hobbs & Shaw 2 was still in development, but that those plans were postponed in favor of the movie bridging the gap between the tenth and eleventh movies.

2:31 5 Upcoming Fast & Furious Movies Every Sequel & Spinoff In-Development

Related 5 Upcoming Fast & Furious Movies: Every Sequel & Spinoff In-Development Fast & Furious has built a massive franchise over 20 years and it’s set to keep expanding even after the final film thanks to these spin-offs.

Additionally, plans for a female-led Fast & Furious spinoff were announced in 2019, with Charlize Theron expected to reprise her role as the villainous Cipher for the project, though very few updates have been shared in the years since. Given Universal seems to be generally reconfiguring their plans for the franchise’s future, it remains to be seen whether these spinoff plans will come to fruition after Fast & Furious 11. One can at least hope that Diesel’s promise of an epic finale proves to be true with the extended development time given to the next installment.

Fast X is available to stream on Prime Video.

Source: Vin Diesel/Instagram

Fast and Furious 11 temp poster Fast and Furious 11 Fast and Furious 11 is the final movie in the Fast Saga. It reunites Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto with the rest of the cast for one last ride. However, the franchise is open for spinoff films like Hobbs & Shaw afterward.Director Louis Leterrier Release Date April 4, 2025 Distributor(s) Universal Pictures Writers Christina Hodson , Oren Uziel

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