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10 Fast & Furious Villains, Ranked By How Evil Their Plans Were

Jason Momoa was recently photographed filming motorcycle stunts for his role as the antagonist in the upcoming Fast X, making him the latest in a long line of both fast and furious baddies. While his film is over a year from its release in May 2023, he should get a head start working out his evil plan as he’ll have his work cut out for him stacking up to previous villain’s world-ending plots.

As a series that’s been around for over 20 years, the scope of Fast villain’s ambitions has risen just as steadily as the films’ budgets. The best baddie blueprints in the series cause a massive ripple effect of damage once they’re pulled off, and exact harrowing personal torment on the Nos-fueled protagonists.

DK Takashi: The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift

This drag-racing Yakuza gangster has the ultimate goal of maintaining his status as Tokyo’s “Drift King” and eventually taking over the mafia organization his uncle oversees. He utterly fails to execute even these modest goals when he is run out of town for losing a drag race to Sean.
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While the thought of the Fast protagonists squaring off against the Yakuza mob might sound like a lot of fun, Takashi turns out to be a very underwhelming villain for this franchise. His biggest problem is that he doesn’t really have any evil plans of his own, as he is repeatedly portrayed as a spoiled brat riding the coattails of his accomplished uncle.

Carter Verone: 2 Fast 2 Furious

This scenery-chewing drug lord is seeking to dominate the black-market drug trade in Miami, all while paying off the local police department to look the other way.
While he’s certainly no criminal mastermind, Verone stands apart from Takashi for the simple fact that he at least seems in charge of his own operation. Beyond that, he’s a fairly run-of-the-mill drug lord who stands out most when he’s hamming it up as a Miami Vice bad guy, intimidating his inferiors with his colorful designer clothing and a non-convincing Argentinian accent. Unfortunately, this unintentionally funny characterization does nothing to aid the limited scope of Verone’s criminal endeavors.

Johnny Tran: The Fast And The Furious

Johnny Tran at Race Wars in The Fast and The Furious

The first villain of the Fast franchise is focused on stealing cars and high-end electronics, and doing so better than fellow street racer Dominic Toretto. Tran and Toretto are positioned as former partners with a brotherly bond, and when things go sour between them, Tran’s actions feel like a personal attack.
Although Tran is likely the best driver among the series’ villains, his criminal operation of street-racing gangsters is even smaller potatoes than Takashi or Verone’s. It’s his personal connection with Fast & Furious’ main protagonist Dom that gives helps him leave a strong impression. He crosses a line when he shoots at Dom and his family, and this betrayal stands as his greatest act of villainy.

Arturo Braga: Fast & Furious

Braga smiling and looking off-screen in Fast & Furios.

Braga is a standard Fast villain with the goal of trafficking heroin across the U.S./Mexico border. His network of criminal allies spans multiple countries and poses a credible threat to Dom and Brian, best seen when Braga takes out a hit on Dom’s ride or die girl, Letty.
The 4th Fast movie is like a gateway from the small-scale street racing seen in the original trilogy to the death-defying super-heroics in the six following films. The same is true of its villain, as Braga’s nefarious machinations are a step up from the series’ previous baddies. The impact of Letty’s death might have been lessened when she came back in the next film’s post-credit scene, but the fact remains that Braga is responsible for one of the most emotional and tragic moments in the Fast & Furious series.

Deckard Shaw: Furious 7

The cheeky yet deadly Shaw spends the 7th film exacting revenge on Dom and crew for almost killing his younger brother, Owen. He makes his fight with Dom feel incredibly personal, best seen when he callously explodes the iconic Toretto household.
Shaw’s relentless vendetta undoubtedly makes him one of the best villains in the series, but the scope of his plans don’t really go beyond his revenge on Dom’s family. Furious 7 does feature a villain intent on world domination, but it’s not Deckard Shaw – it’s secondary villain Mose Jakande played by Djimon Hounsou. Despite this, Shaw is able to accomplish some great feats of villainy, including killing off one of the series’ most iconic characters, Han.

Hernan Reyes: Fast Five

Hernan Reyes in Fast Five

Reyes presents a different kind of villain for this franchise, as he uses his status as a Brazilian politician to aid in his drug-dealing criminal enterprises. The way he abuses his political power for his own financial gain is enough to make one’s blood boil and call to mind several real-world examples of this kind of evil.
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Fast Five features the best heist in the series, and Reyes’ irredeemable exploitation of Rio’s people makes him the perfect antagonist for this kind of story. The anger he stirs in the characters on screen and the viewers watching makes it so everyone highly anticipates when the heroes are successful and take millions out of his corrupt pockets.

Jakob Toretto: F9

Fast and Furious 9 Jakob Toretto John Cena

For a series so focused on “family,” there were questions about how it would handle the introduction of Dom’s long-lost brother, Jakob. The younger Toretto is presented as someone who will stop at nothing to activate a device capable of controlling the world’s computer and military systems.
Of the four Fast villains intent on world domination, Jakob places last due in large part to his abandonment of his plan. It was a fairly ambitious scheme, however, and for a while it seems that Jakob’s twisted jealousy of Dom will push him to become an irredeemable monster. Countless innocent lives would have been lost had he launched Project Aries, making it a relief when he comes to his senses and joins his brother on the right side of the road at the end of the film.

Cipher: The Fate Of The Furious

Charlize Theron as Cipher in Fast and Furious 9

Charlize Theron plays a tech wiz working to ignite World War III with a Russian nuclear submarine – all while sporting some very questionable dreadlocks. She also accomplishes the unthinkable, getting Dom to turn against his crew when she threatens to kill his son.
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Cipher’s precise dismantling of Dom’s world is very impressive, as is her airtight scheme to reap the financial benefits of World War III. It’s amazing that Fast & Furious has come from bootleg DVD heists to this level of world-ending stakes, and it shows just how far its villains’ ambitions have come.

Brixton Lore: Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

Brixton Lore in his super armor in Hobbs and Shaw image

Former MI6 agent Brixton Lore wants to unleash a virus to wipe out half of the human population, but not in the indiscriminate way Thanos would approve of. The Snowflake virus would specifically target those Lore deems as weak in a way that draws some unfavorable comparisons to eugenics.
The only Fast & Furious spin-off film features one of its most undoubtedly evil baddies. Lore might like to call himself “Black Superman,” but Idris Elba’s super-soldier is anything but heroic. Add his questionable human rights portfolio to the fact that he’s the most physically imposing antagonist the series has seen and it becomes clear that Lore is one scary guy.

Owen Shaw: Fast & Furious 6

The younger Shaw brother spends his film attaining and selling a computer processing unit capable of killing millions of people. He also twists a knife in Dom’s heart by featuring Letty on his criminal team, turning one of his most trusted allies against him.
Owen Shaw places as the villain with the most evil scheme because there are no ifs, ands, or buts about the super-weapon he seeks to wield. If his plan is successful, he will be responsible for the death of millions. The gravity of this action doesn’t seem to weigh very heavy on him, and it’s this callousness towards his horrific deeds that helps him leave such a strong impression. Shaw’s manipulation of Letty’s memory loss further shows that he is truly evil in everything he does.
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Dwayne Johnson & Vin Diesel’s Fast & Furious Feud Addressed By John Cena


John Cena acknowledges that he’s heard rumors about the Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel feud in the
Fast & Furious
Cena calls them both ”
” actors, suggesting that there’s only room on set for one of those personality types.
Johnson’s return to the franchise in
Fast X
suggests his feud with Diesel is over, but the two actors have yet to actually share the screen together again.

Fast & Furious franchise star John Cena shares his thoughts on the infamous Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson feud. After the release of the first movie in 2001, the popular action franchise just recently released its tenth installment with the poorly-reviewed Fast X. While the Fast & Furious franchise has been massively commercially successful, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing behind the scenes, with Dominic Toretto actor Diesel and Luke Hobbs actor Johnson reportedly butting heads during production on several installments, with the feud going viral in 2016.

During a recent interview with Dax Shepherd on the Armchair Expert podcast, Cena, who recently returned as Jakob as part of the Fast X cast, weighs in on his experience with the Diesel and Johnson feud. While much of the feud seemingly took place before Cena joined the franchise in F9: The Fast Saga, the actor seemingly doesn’t have a hard time believing that there was friction between the two costars. Check out his comments below:

“There’s certainly rumors about that. I can’t deny that. You have two very alpha, driven people. You get two, there can only be one.
“Man, you gotta remember I got dropped into a locker room where [we have] generational vets. ‘What’d your dad do?’ ‘Wrestle.’ ‘What’d your granddad do?’ ‘Wrestle.’ I’ve been in that environment; know the room and just kind of adapt to what’s going on.
“I’m being invited into someone’s home, into someone’s family. And regardless of how they look physically in comparison to another human being, this is one IP that has had nine installments and it’s an action movie — that’s rarefied air. At the very least, there has to be respect for that.
“I’m not trying to get the sandbox. That’s not my thing. I’m grateful for what you’ve given me, I just want to be be the best firetruck I can.”


Related 4 Ways The Rock & Vin Diesel’s Feud Hurt Fast & Furious The ongoing feud between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Vin Diesel has hurt the Fast and Furious franchise in a number of different ways.

Vin Diesel & Dwayne Johnson’s Feud Seems To Be Over Now
But Will They Actually Appear Together Again On Screen?
Vin Diesel as Dom and Dwayne Johnson as Hobbs looking over each other's shoulders in Fast and Furious 6

A now-deleted social media post from Johnson in 2016 is what really kicked things off regarding his apparent feud with Diesel. In the post, Johnson referred to un-named Fast & Furious costars as “chicken sh*t” and “candy asses,” criticizing the work ethic of some on set. The feud has had its ups and downs since then, with Tyrese Gibson even getting involved at one point. Some years later, Diesel seemingly attempted to bury the hatchet by putting out a public plea for Johnson to return as Hobbs, but Johnson very pointedly shut the idea down.

Despite this, however, Johnson did return for a cameo during the Fast X post-credits scene last year. Not long afterward, it was confirmed that Johnson would star in his own Hobbs-focused film before the planned release of Fast & Furious 11, which will seemingly serve as the franchise finale. While it doesn’t sound like Diesel will be appearing in Johnson’s spinoff, Hobbs is now poised to play a role in the eleventh film.

Fast X
is currently available to stream on Prime Video.

Johnson does appear in the latest film, but he notably doesn’t share the screen with Diesel or any other cast members. If he does play a more prominent role in Fast & Furious 11, this will evidently require more collaboration, potentially opening the door for their larger-than-life personalities to clash once more. It remains to be seen whether Diesel and Johnson will share the screen together in the final Fast & Furious movie, but Cena’s latest comments suggest tension between the two “alpha” stars will be hard to avoid.

Source: Armchair Expert

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Vin Diesel May Have Spoiled Fast & Furious 11’s Ending With $2.7 Billion Movie Comparison


Vin Diesel already compared
Fast and Furious 11
Avengers: Endgame
It seems likely, therefore, that Dom will die just as Tony Stark did.
If Fast and Furious 11 kills off Dom, it will perfectly flip Fast X’s ending, echoing Avengers: Endgame’s impactful sacrifice.

Vin Diesel has already hinted that Dom will die in Fast and Furious 11 by comparing it to a $2.7 billion movie from another major franchise. The car-centered Fast and Furious movies began in 2001, and the franchise has experienced tremendous growth since then, releasing ten movies in the main series and the Hobbs & Shaw spinoff. The eleventh, and supposedly final, installment of the Fast and Furious franchise is slated to release on April 4, 2025, and is directed by Louis Leterrier.

While Fast X included a number of big character deaths, the fates of several others remain unknown. Antagonist Dante Reyes (Jason Momoa) is motivated by a desire to inflict suffering upon Dom (Vin Diesel) and ultimately resorts to eliminating those closest to him. In the Fast X cliffhanger ending, Dom appeared doomed as he drove into Dante’s explosive trap. The fact that Fast and Furious 11 is happening suggests Dom will survive, but there is good reason to believe Vin Diesel’s protagonist will meet his end in the upcoming movie.

Best Fast and Furious Car Stunts

Related 10 Best Fast & Furious Car Stunts, Ranked The Fast and Furious franchise has taken its stunts to outrageous new heights with every movie, but it remains committed to great practical effects.

Vin Diesel Confirmed 3 Years Ago That Avengers: Endgame Inspired Fast & Furious 11
This Decision Was Influenced By His Involvement In The MCU

The Fast & Furious franchise ending with a two-part finale was inspired by Avengers: Endgame. Although Diesel doesn’t physically appear in Marvel Studios’ films, he has been lending his voice to the beloved Groot and its various iterations since the release of James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014. He subsequently featured in two sequels released in 2017 and 2023, as well as Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, the latter of which marked the culmination of the MCU’s Infinity Saga.

Fast X
is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

Vin Diesel revealed that the original intention was to conclude the Fast and Furious series with its tenth film, but that perspective shifted after witnessing the impact of Avengers: Endgame. The decision to split one larger concluding chapter into two movies makes sense when there is a vast amount of story left to explore. Encouraged by the immense commercial and critical success of Avengers: Endgame, Diesel and his team envisioned replicating the MCU’s formula with the Fast & Furious movies.

Fast & Furious 11’s Endgame Influence Means Dominic Toretto Will Die
Dom Will Take The Iron Man Role, Sacrificing Himself To Save His Family
Peter Parker consoles Tony Stark in Avengers Endgame.

Fast and Furious 11 being influenced by Avengers: Endgame suggests that Dominic Toretto is likely to die. Arguably the most memorable aspect of the Avengers: Endgame ending was the tragic death of Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr. As Thanos engaged in battle with numerous heroes in a bid to seize all six Infinity Stones, Iron Man recognized the one chance to emerge victorious involved his own sacrifice.

If its Avengers: Endgame inspiration is any indication, Fast and Furious 11 will likely see Dom sacrifice himself to save his family, mirroring the iconic ending of Avengers: Endgame. While the MCU has no single main character, the franchise began with Iron Man in 2008, making RDJ’s Tony Stark the franchise’s first official hero. Similarly, Fast and Furious contains many different characters after over 20 years of releases, but everything began with Vin Diesel’s Dom. If Fast and Furious 11 is drawing inspiration from Avengers: Endgame in terms of how to conclude a movie franchise, Dom will die just as Tony Stark did.

A composite image of The Rock as Hobbs with Jason Mom as Luke Reyes riding a motorcycle from The Fast and Furious Related The Fast & Furious Hobbs Spinoff: Confirmation, Story & Everything We Know Fast X brought back Luke Hobbs and pit him against the new villain Dante Reyes, setting up a Hobbs spinoff movie with Jason Momoa and Dwayne Johnson.

Fast & Furious 11 Killing Dom Will Perfectly Flip Fast X’s Ending
Dom Is One Of The Survivors In Fast X.

If Fast and Furious 11 kills Dom, it will perfectly flip the Fast X ending, which saw Dom and his son in precarious circumstances. Dom and Little Brian found themselves in a dam in Portugal that was poised to explode. It appeared that Dante had gained the upper hand over Dom, at least for the time being. While Dom surely survives Fast X’s cliffhanger, Jakob (John Cena) had previously sacrificed his life to protect Little Brian from Dante.

Fast and Furious 11 can flip this ending, with Dom making the ultimate sacrifice to protect his family from Dante. Such an ending would make sense for the character, who has always been selfless and shown immense care towards the people he loves. Vin Diesel has said family so many times in every Fast and Furious movie that it would complete his arc if he demonstrated his love for them with the biggest sacrifice possible. Comparisons to Avengers: Endgame only make that outcome more likely.

Fast and Furious 11 temp poster Fast and Furious 11 Fast and Furious 11 is the final movie in the Fast Saga. It reunites Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto with the rest of the cast for one last ride. However, the franchise is open for spinoff films like Hobbs & Shaw afterward.Director Louis Leterrier Release Date April 4, 2025

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Fast & Furious’ Lowest-Grossing Movie Explains Why The Saga Hasn’t Been About Cars For 15 Years


The Fast & Furious series has shifted focus from car racing to action, with Tokyo Drift being the lowest-grossing installment.
Tokyo Drift’s failure prompted the franchise to move away from street racing and towards more traditional action film elements.
Fast & Furious successfully shifted the franchise’s direction away from racing, towards bigger budgets and grander scales.

The Fast & Furious saga has not exactly been about cars for quite some time, and the franchise’s lowest-grossing installment seems to explain why. Every time the Fast & Furious franchise pops up, it is hard not to think about car racing, exotic supercars, and Vin Diesel’s signature quotes about family. While Vin Diesel’s quotes and overall hard-as-nails leader persona have not changed much as the movie franchise has progressed, Fast & Furious has seemingly shifted its focus from thrilling races to sensational action set pieces in recent years.

Given the franchise’s worldwide popularity, many factors may have contributed to these changes. Owing to this, one may not be able to pinpoint the precise reason why the Fast & Furious franchise changed its narrative direction. However, the lowest-grossing film in the Fast & Furious series might provide some answers to why the films are now less about racing and more about heists and across-the-globe action.

the fast and the furious cast crew

Related Every Fast And Furious Movie In Chronological Order Fast and the Furious launched a massive franchise – but the films were not released in chronological order! Here’s how to watch.

Tokyo Drift Is Fast & Furious’ Lowest-Grossing Movie
The Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift grossed $158.9 million worldwide

Since it has been around for over two decades, it is not surprising that the Fast & Furious franchise has had a fair share of ups and downs, highs and lows at the box office. Although the franchise is still fairly profitable, its recent installments have offered diminishing returns. However, despite the franchise’s dwindling box office numbers, none of its installments have had a box office as low as The Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift. The first movie in the franchise, The Fast & the Furious, was a success after it raked in $207.5 million at the worldwide box office against a budget of $38 million.

Even the second film in the franchise, 2 Fast 2 Furious, proved profitable after it grossed $236.3 million globally on a budget of $76 million. The third installment was expected to continue this trend, with its relatively higher budget of $85 million. However, despite having a bigger budget than its predecessors, Tokyo Drift could not continue the franchise’s trend of getting higher returns with each new installment. Eight new Fast & Furious movies have come out since Tokyo Drift’s release, and none of them even come close to matching its low box office scores.

Fast & Furious Movie Budget Worldwide Box Office The Fast & the Furious $38 million $207,517,509 2 Fast 2 Furious $76 million $236,350,661 The Fast & the Furious: Tokyo Drift $85 million $158,964,610 Fast & Furious $85 million $360,366,870 Fast Five $125 million $626,137,675 Fast & Furious 6 $160 million $788,680,968 Furious 7 $190 million $1,515,341,399 The Fate of the Furious $250 million $1,236,005,118 Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw $200 million $760,732,926 F9 $200 million $726,229,501 Fast X $340 million $714,555,549 Total $1.749 billion $7,476,903,108

Tokyo Drift Is The Street Racing-Focused Movie Many Want Fast & Furious To Be
Tokyo Drift is the most “Fast & Furious” movie in the franchise
Sean behind the wheel in Tokyo Drift

Even to this day, theFast & Furiousfranchise is associated with fancy cars and white-knuckling street races. However, one look at the recent movies in the franchise will reveal that its focus has drifted away from what it used to be about. While it still features high-octane car chases and expensive cars, the “racing” element seems missing. Given how street car races in the early installments of the film franchise played a crucial role in drawing audiences to it,Tokyo Driftarguably is amongFast & Furious’ better installments because it offers everything from drift competitions to intense underground racing scenes.

Christopher Nolan once said (via


) that he has a “soft spot” for Tokyo Drift.

Storytelling has never been the Fast & Furious franchise’s strongest suit. However, in some ways, Tokyo Drift also has a more relatable storyline than other films because its narrative primarily revolves around an underdog street racer who beats the bad guy in the film’s climax. The recent Fast & Furious movies are far superior when it comes to having an ensemble cast and high production value. However, they often prioritize spectacle over substance, sacrificing the simpler elements that made the first few films successful.

Vin-Diesel-as-Dominic-Toretto-from-The-Fast-and-Furious-Franchise Related Vin Diesel’s Fast & Furious Ending Promise Means The Franchise Must Avoid 1 Major Temptation Fast 11 will be the last installment in the main Fast & Furious franchise, and in order to end it properly, one huge temptation must be avoided.

Tokyo Drift’s Box Office Performance Prompted Fast & Furious To Change
Tokyo Drift’s failures triggered the franchise to move away from street racing

After Tokyo Drift’s inability to top or even match its predecessors’ success, the fourth installment in the film franchise, Fast & Furious, marked the return of the original cast. Since Tokyo Drift’s underwhelming box office numbers established that the film franchise worked better when it did not primarily focus on underground car racing, 2009’s Fast & Furious focused less on those elements and presented itself as a regular action film. Although Fast & Furious did not entirely shed the franchise’s roots in car culture, it paved the way for a new narrative direction for the movie series.

Fast & Furious proved that even though Tokyo Drift’s grounded storyline and underground street races had their charm, they did not have the blockbuster pull the franchise needed to maintain momentum.

Fast & Furious’s formula even worked wonders for the franchise, given how it earned almost twice as much as Tokyo Drift at the global box office despite having the same budget. With this, Fast & Furious proved that even though Tokyo Drift’s grounded storyline and underground street races had their charm, they did not have the blockbuster pull the franchise needed to maintain momentum. As a result, Fast & Furious became the blueprint for the franchise, resulting in Fast Five and the subsequent films repeating its formula with bigger budgets and even grander scale.

fast furious movies ranked worst best Related Every Fast & Furious Movie Ranked From Worst to Best From B-movie roots to Fast X, here is every Fast and the Furious movie ranked from worst to best, through ridiculous stunts and family themes.

Fast & Furious Was Never The Same After Fast Five
Fast Five marked the inception of a new era for the franchise

After adopting everything that made 2009’s Fast & Furious successful and becoming the first film in the franchise to cross the $500 million box office mark, Fast Five proved that the franchise had to rinse and repeat the 2009 film’s winning recipe. Owing to this, with each installment, the Fast & Furious franchise only drifted further away from its core identity, which revolved around racing and car culture. Although recent movies in the Fast & Furious franchise have not been performing as well as expected, it seems like it is too late for the 11th movie to take a U-turn and experiment with a return to its roots.

Untitled design (4)-5 The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift is the third installment in the Fast and Furious franchise. Tokyo Drift follows Sean Boswell, a car-loving teenager shipped off to live with his Navy lieutenant father in Tokyo when his racing antics find him running foul of the law. When Sean discovers Tokyo’s nightlife, he embraces the dangerous underground world of drift racing.Release Date June 4, 2006 Studio(s) Universal Pictures , Relativity Media Distributor(s) Universal Pictures Writers Chris Morgan Cast Lucas Black , Bow Wow , Sung Kang , Brian Tee , Nathalie Kelley , Sonny Chiba , Leonardo Nam , Brian Goodman Runtime 104 Minutes Budget $85 Million

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