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20 Of Brian O’Conner’s Best Quotes From The Fast And The Furious Franchise

Though Dominic Toretto is the face of the Fast & Furious franchise, most of the best one-liners and dialogue are Brian O’Conner quotes. There’s no doubt that Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) was the heart of the series, and from the moment he was introduced, Brian had a way of making others feel at ease. Not only did he form lifelong friendships with Dom’s crew but his cheery disposition seemed to make them laugh too. Most of all, the best thing about Brian was his humor and one-liners. While Brian was capable of offering some sage or romantic advice, he also provided many moments of comic relief.

Those moments worked effectively after periods of drama and action, and long after this film series ends, Brian O’Conner will be remembered fondly for his presence and his iconic one-liners. Although Walker passed away in 2013, not a day goes by where the legacy he left on the franchise isn’t thought about. While Paul Walker appeared in other movies, including She’s All That, it’s his role as Brian that everyone remembers the most as it felt the most natural and authentic (especially since Walker was known to be a prankster). While his presence is certainly missed, his scenes and the humorous Brian O’Conner quotes are unforgettable.

20 “I Didn’t Know Pizza Places Made Motors.”
2 Fast 2 Furious

Brian and Tej at a street racing event in 2 Fast 2 Furious

After departing L.A. at the end of The Fast and the Furious, Brian attempted to flee from the police. However, they quickly tracked him to Miami, where the police ended up recruiting him to take down a drug lord. The force tried to team Brian up with Agent Dunn, who happened to be drinking a soda with a pizza place’s logo on the cup. To win the argument that he should get to choose his own partner, Brian asked Dunn, “Can you tell me what would be a better motor for my Skyline. A Gallo 12 or a Gallo 24?” and Dunn hilariously responded as confidently but stupidly as possible.

19 “2206. I Crashed One Of Those.”
Fast & Furious

Brian driving a blue and silver Nissan Skyline in 2 Fast 2 Furious

This line is a fun callback to 2 Fast 2 Furious, as Brian crashed a Nissan Skyline in a police chase. Brian adds, “I want them all” when having to choose which Nissan Skyline to use for his mission in the fourth movie. The Skyline has become one of the most iconic cars of the entire franchise to the point where a Skyline even appeared at the end of F9 to hint at Brian’s arrival at the BBQ. A short film that fills in the gaps between the first two movies, The Turbo-Charged Prelude for 2 Fast 2 Furious, even chronicles how Brian ended up owning the Nissan Skyline.

18 “Yeah, Your Broke Ass Got A Hundred Grand.”
Fast Five

A row of Dodge Charger police cars in Fast Five

In Fast Five, for the bank heist to go perfectly, the crew has to steal a group of Dodge Charger police cars. While racing them would likely draw unwanted attention to them, and wouldn’t be a Fast & Furious movie without one. Roman suggests each of them bet a hundred grand, to which Brian responds with this typical jab, which is a testament to how great Brian and Roman’s banter has always been. It’s one of the best Brian O’Conner quotes, but it still doesn’t answer who won the Fast Five race, as it isn’t clear whether or not Dom did let Brian win.

17 “But If I Win, I Take The Cash, And I Take The Respect. To Some People, That’s More Important.”
The Fast And The Furious

Brian and Toretto wearing sunglasses in a convertible in The Fast and the Furious

Brian was tasked with infiltrating Dom’s crime network and gaining Dom’s trust, and he did so in the smartest way possible. The undercover cop knew that somebody who cares more about money than dignity and respect couldn’t possibly become part of Dom’s crew. This line of dialogue is something that both characters live by, and it’s the very line that made Dom sit up attentively and finally pay attention to Brian. It’s one of the best Brian O’Conner quotes simply because it’s the line that essentially started one of the greatest friendships of any action franchise.

16 “That’s The Brian O’Conner Driving School Right There, Baby!”
2 Fast 2 Furious

Brian and Roman pose in front of two cars in 2 Fast 2 Furious

After Brian had gotten authorization to take find his own partner for the undercover job, he chose Roman. Brian and Roman had been childhood best friends, who had lost touch when Brian became a cop, but it didn’t start to become clear how close they used to be until Carter’s initiation test when they’re sent to retrieve a cigar cutter from an impound lot. This sequence showed how much of a bond the two characters really have and how much history they have. Along with the “stare and drive” earlier in the morning, they were teaching each other these tricks, but nothing beats the Brian O’Conner driving school.

15 “You Asked Me Why I Let Dom Go. I Did It Because, At That Moment, I Respected Him More Than I Respected Myself.”
Fast & Furious

Mia sits on Brian’s lap in Fast and Furious

After Brian lets Dom escape at the end of The Fast and the Furious, one question that had plagued Mia’s mind was why he let her brother go. While Brian insisted that he didn’t know the reason, he later told Mia that it was because he had lost respect for himself for tearing the Toretto family apart. During his undercover stint, Brian discovered a lot about the Torettos. However, the biggest life lesson that he took away from the operation was that the world wasn’t as black-and-white as he believed. Dom may have committed some huge crimes, but he had done it all to provide for his family.

14 “Yeah Rome, How Do You Like Them Apples?”
2 Fast 2 Furious

Roman and Brian argue outside a police station in 2 Fast 2 Furious

Another one-liner from the initiation test, one of the best scenes in 2 Fast 2 Furious, really cemented the fact that Roman and Brian had a sibling-like bond. They were both extremely competitive when racing and would playfully taunt and insult each other. It was as if they were trying to lift each other’s spirits, pushing one another to be better. This encouragement and competitiveness were definitely seen in future films. It also showed how great of a driver Brian really was, as he yelled the dialogue while speeding backward on a busy highway and holding up his middle finger out of the window.

13 “First Bite. He’s Got Grace. House Rules, Man. House Rules.”
Fast & Furious 6

Dom and the crew having a a BBQ in the yard in The Fast and the Furious

Although Brian may have relaxed a little when it came to the rules, there were some that he refused to compromise on. One of those was saying grace before every meal, in which a member of Dom’s crew blessed the food they were to eat by praying to the “car gods.” While this was something that Brian hadn’t done previously, the fact that he remembered such an important detail proved how much he valued the Toretto family and their traditions. The line also seemed to imply that he would never betray the Torettos and their crew ever again – cementing him forever as an honorary member of the family.

12 “Yeah, That Sounds Like A Real Hero.”
Fast Five

Dom and Brian looking to the distance in Fast Five.

When Hobbs appears in Fast Five to arrest Brian and Dom, it doesn’t exactly go as planned. Hobbs announces he’s just there to bring in two a**holes whose names appeared on his desk, to which Brian responds with the above quote. Considering how Brian’s character arc began, he’s taking a jibe at himself for going through a similar experience, as Brian had also been in Hobbs’ position once before, which makes it one of the best Brian O’Conner quotes. The dialogue essentially foreshadowed that the judgmental Hobbs would go through a similar journey to Brian and come to the same realization that the “law” isn’t always on the right side.

11 “You Know, The Best Decision I Ever Made Was Stepping Into That Store And Buying That First Sandwich.”
Furious 7

Brian looks serious in Furious 7

While the Fast & Furious franchise is mainly known to all for its gravity-defying stunts and iconic fight sequences, there has always been one underrated element – the romances. Ever since the first movie, fans have always been invested in Mia and Brian’s relationship as they instantly fell for one another. That culminated in the phone conversation at the end of Furious 7. Since Mia spent the majority of the movie worrying about whether she and their family would ever be enough for Brian, his response was perfectly sweet and romantic. Their story may have started with Brian investigating Dom, but Brian ultimately stuck around for Mia.

10 “The Air Quality Here Is Lousy, The Traffic Is Bad, But I Think You’ll Learn To Like This Place.”
Fast & Furious 6

Mia and Brian try to get off the plane in Fast & Furious 6

If there was one Brian O’Conner quote that would perfectly summarize his story in the franchise, it was his final few lines in Fast and Furious 6. When Brian first arrived in Los Angeles, he had no intention of sticking around as nothing was keeping him there. However, this all changed for him when he got to know the Torettos and their crew. forming a romance with Mia and finding a brother in Dom. Brian essentially found the family he had always dreamed of in them. While their situation didn’t exactly have a perfect start, Brian wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

9 “Dude I Almost Had You!”
The Fast And The Furious

Brian O'Connor posing next to a red car in The Fast and the Furious.

Brian didn’t know what he was doing quite yet, but it was still impressive that he could keep up with Dom and the team the way he did. His first street race against Dom didn’t exactly go his way, and he did a number on his car in the process, but he was still happy that he came as close as he did. For a first-timer, Brian’s not half bad. Dom didn’t quite see it that way as he insulted Brian to no end, but it did establish that level of competitiveness between the two that lasted throughout the franchise, making it one of the best Brian O’Conner quotes.

8 “I Like The Tuna Here.”
The Fast And The Furious

Mia on a date with Brian in The Fast and the Furious

Brian’s love of tuna lands him in a brawl with Vince, which has to be broken up by Dom. Still, it’s Brian’s first real impression on Dom and the team, and though it wasn’t necessarily the best one, it led to bigger things. Audiences are convinced it wasn’t just the tuna, but Mia that kept Brian coming back, particularly since everyone insisted that the tuna was terrible, even the owners of Toretto’s Market. This led to the Toretto family further ridiculing Brian about eating the awful sandwiches just to get closer to Mia.

7 “Hey! We Do What We Do Best. We Improvise, All Right?”
Fast & Furious 6

Brian driving the blue Nissan in Fast and the Furious

Considering that Dom’s crew has created some of the worst plans in the Fast & Furious franchise, it isn’t surprising that some things haven’t gone as expected. This was the case in Fast & Furious 6 when Dom and his crew were surprised to see a big tank chasing them down the highway. While Tej and Roman were panicking, Brian reassured them that they just needed to readjust their plan. This was only one of the things that fans loved about Brian. No matter how out of control things got, Brian would always reassure the crew that there would always be another way to get things back on track.

6 “You Know I Woulda, I Woulda Won That Race If You Didn’t Cheat, Right?”
Fast & Furious

Brian and Dom sit on the hoods of their cars in a garage in Fast & Furious

Dom and Brian’s rivalry in Fast & Furious has always been the best element, so it’s hardly surprising that the fourth movie bringing the two back together was its biggest selling point. The two typically resumed their rivalry when they entered a street race. Dom won the race with Brian always insisting that he would have won if Dom hadn’t have “cheated.” However, what makes this moment even more special is that this marks the beginning of a running gag. After this, Brian did whatever he could to get that rematch against Dom and prove that he could beat them. The dialogue proved that Dom and Brian were best friends.

5 “If You Want The Career-Changing Big Fish, You Gotta Be Willing To […] Sail Out To The Deep Water.”
Fast & Furious

Brian and Dom walk through a parking lot in Fast & Furious

In Fast & Furious 6, Brian hands out some sage advice. People have to be willing to grow up and make big sacrifices, not just as a means to an end, but to achieve an ultimate goal and get to the destination they’re heading for in life. If they don’t, they won’t get there. This isn’t just an empty quote, it’s something that Brian actually lives by, and he’s speaking from past experience. Brian gave up his life as an FBI agent, and in return, he gained a family. He also gave up the adrenaline-fueled lifestyle that he loved so much so he could lead a happier home life.

4 “When You Blew Up Your Car, That Means You Blew Up Mine Too […] So Now You Owe Me A Ten-Second Car.”
Fast & Furious

Brian and Dom standing side by side in Fast and Furious.

It was brilliant how this memorable storyline from the first film made a reappearance in the fourth film in 2009, eight years later. In a reverse situation, now Dom owes Brian a ten-second car, which he quickly remedied by breaking into a Subaru. It’s funny how things work out like that, especially when it playfully turns the tables on one of the best Brian O’Conner quotes. Fast & Furious was a big deal given that Letty was killed and that it brought the old gang back together. Something about owing people ten-second cars is like holding a precious bond in the Fast and Furious franchise.

3 “Dom, Cars Don’t Fly. Cars Don’t Fly! Sh**!”
Furious 7

Dom and Brian standing next to a red supercar in Furious 7

Furious 7 had a lot of memorable moments, and the most stand-out action sequence is undoubtedly the one in Dubai. Dom and Brian fly through the sky, smashing through not just one, but two buildings. The first building was on purpose, but the second was because the brakes had gone out, and thus Dom simply sped up and jumped into the next one. The two manage to escape miraculously unscathed, but with a memorable story to tell. Dom proved Brian and every other naysayer wrong– cars can fly if driven correctly.

2 “I Owe You A Ten-Second Car.”
The Fast And The Furious

Dom and Brian look concerned after surviving a car crash in The Fast and the Furious

The conclusion of the first movie ends with one of the best Brian O’Conner quotes after Brian hands over the keys to his car, allowing Dom to escape. When Dom questions if Brian realizes what he’s doing, this is Brian’s response. Brian’s loyalty has changed over the course of his undercover work, and he’s befriended Dom and his team, forever changing his life–and theirs. Allowing Dom to escape was Brian’s redemption, in a way, for lying to Dom, even knowing he’ll be faced with serious consequences. That’s what family does though, and if any theme stands out in this franchise, it’s the importance of family.

1 “Thought You Could Leave Without Saying Goodbye?”
Furious 7

Brian and Dom looking at each other from their cars in Furious 7

In the final scene of Furious 7, Dom and Brian face off against one another in one last race. Dom had left early, but Brian had followed and said the quote above. It’s one of the most rewatchable Fast & Furious scenes, as it was a meaningful and perfect send-off for Brian in more ways than one. Since Walker had passed away in real life during Furious 7’s production, the movie felt like an homage to him, acting as a means for the audience, cast, crew, and Paul’s loved ones to say goodbye. It was the perfect ending and the perfect way to bid a beloved character and actor farewell.

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Fast & Furious 11 Release Delay & Filming Start Date Confirmed By Director


Fast and Furious 11
is facing a release date delay to Summer 2026 due to strikes, with director Louis Leterrier confirming the sequel will not be hitting its April 4, 2025 date.
Leterrier also confirms that filming starts in Fall 2025 after finishing a horror movie in September.
The final installment in the
Fast Saga
reunites Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto for one last ride, while also leaving the door open for other spinoffs.

After facing multiple delays due to the 2023 SAG-AFTRA and Writers Guild of America strikes, Fast and Furious 11 is seeing its release date delayed. The next installment in the Vin Diesel-fronted franchise is expected to be the last mainline sequel, while development continues on the Dwayne Johnson-led spinoff Hobbs & Reyes, a mysterious standalone movie penned by Fast X’s Zach Dean and a potential female-led spinoff. While a filming start date was never confirmed, Universal had previously set the movie for an April 2025 release date.

During a recent interview with Collider at a CCXP MX panel, Louis Leterrier was asked for an update on Fast and Furious 11. The director went on to confirm that the final mainline installment in the action franchise will no longer be making its April 4, 2025 release date, instead now aiming for a Summer 2026 release window with the filming start date being set for this fall. Check out what Leterrier said below:

It’s happening. It’s happening very, very soon. I’m able to shoot a little horror movie this summer. I’m finishing my horror movie on September 15th, and I start Fast on September 16th.

Will Fast 11’s Multiple Delays Help Or Hurt The Sequel?

Much like the tenth film before it, Fast and Furious 11 has faced a few behind-the-scenes hardships in its road to getting off the ground, namely the delays stemming from the 2023 strikes. While the latest movie seems to have retained its core creative team in comparison to the shift in directors from franchise vet Justin Lin to Leterrier on Fast X after reported creative differences between the former and Diesel, this change didn’t seem to help much with the continued downward trend recent sequels have seen from critics. Check out how the franchise’s Rotten Tomatoes scores compare below:

Title RT Critical Score RT Audience Score The Fast and the Furious 54% 74% 2 Fast 2 Furious 37% 50% The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift 37% 69% Fast & Furious 28% 67% Fast Five 78% 83% Fast & Furious 6 71% 84% Furious 7 81% 82% The Fate of the Furious 67% 72% Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw 67% 88% F9: The Fast Saga 59% 82% Fast X 56% 84%

Even looking outside the Fast and Furious franchise, many movie sequels have found themselves hurt by various delays, be they from creative changes, general release shifts or other factors. The action genre in particular is one in which lengthier development periods can lead to diminishing returns, be it A Good Day to Die Hard, Rambo: Last Blood or Diesel’s own xXx: The Return of Xander Cage. While Fast and Furious 11 may only be getting pushed back by a year, the delay is nonetheless a concern that the final installment could find itself in trouble.

Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) looking angry with Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) looking unimpressed in Fast & Furious

Related 10 Most Exciting Things To Expect From Fast 11 Fast & Furious 11 will pull all the strings to become bigger than the previous installments, and here is why the film is worth being excited about.

On the other hand, the longer wait for Fast and Furious 11 to close out the mainline series of movies could actually prove beneficial for the sequel. Though Leterrier may be busy with another project in the lead-up to filming the next installment, writers Oren Uziel and Christina Hodson should now have more than enough time to really look back at the script and ensure it learns from the critical missteps of recent installments to deliver a satisfying conclusion to the Dominic Toretto saga.

Source: Collider

Fast and Furious 11 temp poster Fast and Furious 11 Fast and Furious 11 is the final movie in the Fast Saga. It reunites Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto with the rest of the cast for one last ride. However, the franchise is open for spinoff films like Hobbs & Shaw afterward.Director Louis Leterrier Release Date April 4, 2025 Distributor(s) Universal Pictures Writers Christina Hodson , Oren Uziel

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Vin Diesel Already Has His Perfect Fast & Furious Replacement Franchise With 51-Year-Old Remake


Vin Diesel’s dominance in Fast & Furious is ending, but Kojak could kick off a new action franchise for him.
Kojak’s reboot faces an uncertain future, but its similarity to Fast & Furious makes it a worthy project for Diesel.
Diesel’s potential shift from criminal racer to cop signifies a fresh start in a possible Fast & Furious-like series.

Vin Diesel’s days of playing Dominic Toretto are numbered, but the actor has already found his perfect Fast & Furious replacement. Diesel found a major breakout role in the early 2000s thanks to participating in The Fast and the Furious. The original 2001 street racing crime movie became the springboard for a sprawling franchise that has lasted for over two decades. The success of the Fast & Furious movies transformed Vin Diesel’s career, turning him into an even bigger star, especially in the action movie genre. But, Fast & Furious 11 is planned as the final chapter for him and the franchise.

The Fast & Furious franchise’s end will put Vin Diesel in an unfamiliar position of not having a major franchise to lean back on. This presents the actor with various options, such as changing the course of his career to pursue non-franchise roles. However, the more likely outcome is that Diesel will attempt to find a new IP that can replace Fast & Furious. He has had trouble in that regard recently, with franchises like xXx or Riddick running cold and Bloodshot and The Last Witch Hunter failing to launch franchises. There is another option for Diesel, though.

2:03 Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto from The Fast & Furious Franchise

Related Vin Diesel May Have Spoiled Fast & Furious 11’s Ending With $2.7 Billion Movie Comparison Dom’s death happening in Fast & Furious 11 may have been spoiled already, with Vin Diesel comparing the upcoming movie to another big franchise.

Kojak Can Be Vin Diesel’s New Action Crime Franchise After Fast & Furious
Diesel Has Been Developing The Reboot Since 2015

The impending conclusion of the Fast & Furious franchise means it is finally time for Vin Diesel’s Kojak reboot to get off the ground. The project was announced back in 2015 with Diesel re-teaming with Universal Pictures, the studio behind Fast & Furious, to develop a movie based on Kojak. The original TV series starred Telly Savalas as Theo Kokaj and ran for three seasons after debuting in 1973. The series revolves around Kojak, a New York detective known for being willing to go beyond the law and a love for cars and lollipops, and follows him as he investigates different cases.

Kojak was rebooted in 2005 as a TV show starring Ving Rhames, but it only ran for six episodes

Development on Vin Diesel’s Kojak movie has not been very active in the nine years since it was announced. However, it still maintains the base similarities to Fast & Furious, which makes the project a worthwhile endeavor for Diesel in terms of finding a new action franchise. He would now have another big action series about cars and crime, essentially making Kojak into a newer version of Fast & Furious. The irony here is that Diesel takes on the role of a cop after playing criminal racer Dominic Toretto.

Vin Diesel’s Involvement Can Morph Kojak Into A Major Action Franchise
Kojak Could Be A Fast & Furious Clone
Telly Savalas talking on the phone in Kojak

Looking at the original TV show, Kojak might not necessarily project to be a major blockbuster action franchise akin to Fast & Furious. The TV series was relatively grounded and small due to the nature of its production. However, the fact that Diesel and Universal pinpointed this property as something they wanted to revive together is telling. The announcement of Kojak’s reboot came months after Furious 7 debuted in theaters and took the franchise to new heights at the box office and in terms of how ridiculously big the action and story could get.

It’s sometimes difficult to remember that Fast & Furious started off with a story about DVD thieves who were also street racers before Diesel helped turn it into something much bigger. With that experience and success already behind him, it would be understandable if a similar path was envisioned for Kojak. The series could then morph into a Fast & Furious clone, one that gives Vin Diesel a new franchise to headline and Universal a “fresh” action franchise to grow.

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The Rock’s WWE Run Means Fast & Furious 11 Must Make 1 Major Hobbs Change


Hobbs from Fast & Furious 11 needs a gritty edge like The Rock’s WWE character to keep the franchise fresh and exciting.
The Rock’s time away from the Fast & Furious universe provides the perfect reason for Hobbs to return with a personal vendetta and a more savage attitude.
While Hobbs shouldn’t become a full-fledged villain in Fast & Furious 11, adding some edginess and dirty tricks could make his character more intriguing and dynamic.

Fast & Furious 11 must make one major Hobbs change after The Rock’s incredible WWE run. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s WWE return surpassed his recent movies, with the actor creating some of the best work of his career. Having returned to a thunderous reception, The Rock was able to flip the crowd’s reception by becoming a heel and playing a major part in WrestleMania’s main events. The Rock hasn’t played a villain on screen for years, as even his depiction of Black Adam lent more into the character’s anti-hero side, which made his wrestling run all the more refreshing.

While his wrestling character may not perfectly translate into the Fast & Furious universe, there is one aspect of The Rock’s WWE run that the franchise should attempt to implement. After debuting in Fast Five, The Rock’s best Fast & Furious scenes helped contribute to the movie series becoming so popular, with Luke Hobbs becoming an instrumental part of the story. He was even given his own spinoff alongside Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) and is set to get a solo movie in the future. Despite this, Hobbs would still benefit from adding one key aspect of The Rock’s WWE run.

The Rock’s WWE Run Proves Fast & Furious 11 Needs To Give Hobbs More Of An Edge
Fast & Furious Would Benefit From Hobbs Adopting Some Of The Rock’s WWE Tendancies
Dwayne The Rock Johnson in Black Adam, WWE, and Hobbs and Shaw

Given how electrifying The Rock’s recent WWE run was, there is no doubt Fast & Furious 11 needs to give Hobbs more of an edge. Although the character has had his more serious moments, like most of the Fast & Furious cast, Hobbs tends to mix action with comedy. Hobbs and Shaw are supposed to be two of the more stoic heroes, yet they are constantly at each other’s throats and cracking jokes to help maintain the franchise’s lighthearted core. However, giving Hobbs a grittier side would help the character thrive upon his return.

The Rock’s Fast & Furious return may redeem Fast X’s box office, but the character needs to come back stronger than ever. By allowing him to be more ruthless, he can still maintain some elements of comedy but also become more interesting in the process. Johnson proved that despite being a detestable heel, he was still as hilarious as ever during his recent WWE tenure. This proves that he can maintain Fast & Furious’ tone and humorous style while being more layered; therefore, Hobbs adopting some of The Rock’s WWE characteristics could make him even more entertaining.

Fast & Furious Already Has A Reason For Hobbs To Be More Savage
Hobbs Has Been Away From The Franchise For Several Years

Making a major change to Hobbs’ character could be tough to explain, but Fast & Furious 11 already has a great reason to make him more savage. His four-year absence from the franchise gives him a perfect excuse to come back with a vengeance and potentially have a personal attachment to Fast & Furious 11’s villains. Hobbs’ time away from the main story could be explained through a connection to Fast X’s secondary villain, Aimes. Aimes’ villain twist in Fast X was well executed and suggests he’ll be around for the sequel, which is the perfect reason to bring back Hobbs.

Having a more personal story with one of the villains could allow Hobbs to continue his great quips and one-liners, but it would also give him more of an edge.

Fast X never explained why he’s back, but having a personal vendetta against Aimes could be an intriguing reason. Given Dom and Dante are the focal point of the franchise’s conclusion, Hobbs returning to take down Aimes would avoid overshadowing the main story while still giving him an interesting role. Having a personal story with one of the villains could allow Hobbs to continue his great quips and one-liners, while also giving him more of an edge. This provides The Rock with the perfect reason to implement some of his heel traits while still portraying a morally good hero.

2:34 Image 147 Related Predicting The Ending Of All 13 Fast & Furious Characters In Fast 11 The Fast Saga is set to conclude with Fast & Furious 11 – or Fast X 2 – but how will Dom Toretto and his family’s stories come to a definitive end?

Why Fast & Furious Can’t Bring The Rock Back As A Villain
Hobbs Already Appeared As An Antagonist In Fast Five
A custom image featuring Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs in the Fast and Furious movies Custom image by Debanjana Chowdhury

Although The Rock’s villainous tendencies worked well in the WWE, Fast & Furious can’t bring him back as an antagonist. Johnson already played the main villain of Fast Five, as Hobbs was originally an enemy of Dom and his crew before becoming an ally. Hobbs’ role in Fast Five was one of his best, but despite being the main antagonist, he always had a level of integrity. Dropping all of this to make him a villain in the final movie would be completely unnecessary, especially as the franchise needs him to remain a hero for his spinoff.

Fast & Furious 11 may end the main story, but The Rock will be part of the franchise beyond this, and altering his character so drastically wouldn’t make any sense. Instead, adding some extra edge to his character would have the same effect and would avoid stealing the thunder from Dante and Aimes. Although Fast & Furious 11 shouldn’t make him a villain, the film can still allow Hobbs to play dirty and pull some cheap tricks in order to show a grittier side, while letting him taunt his enemies when he inevitably helps save the day.

Fast & Furious 11
is scheduled to be released in theaters on April 4, 2025.

Fast and Furious 11 temp poster Fast and Furious 11 Fast and Furious 11 is the final movie in the Fast Saga. It reunites Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto with the rest of the cast for one last ride. However, the franchise is open for spinoff films like Hobbs & Shaw afterward.Director Louis Leterrier Release Date April 4, 2025 Distributor(s) Universal Pictures Writers Christina Hodson , Oren Uziel

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