Will Smith comments on impact of Oscars slap incident on his upcoming film Emancipation

Will Smith is all set for his big 2022 release after kicking off the year on a controversial note following the Oscars slap incident. The actor who won the Best Actor Academy Award left audiences stunned after he slapped presenter Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars ceremony over a joke cracked by the latter about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

While it was reported that Emancipation was facing delays following the Oscars scandal, the film is now slated to come out soon and ahead of the same, Smith has now begun his press tour to promote the same. The actor doesn’t seem to be shying away from the Oscars controversy and recently spoke about the same and the impact it will have on the film’s reception.

Will Smith on audience reception to Emancipation

As reported by Variety, when Smith was asked about what he wants to say to the audience who aren’t yet ready for his comeback following the slap incident, the actor said, “I completely understand — if someone is not ready, I would absolutely respect that and allow them their space to not be ready.

My deepest concern is my team – Antoine has done what I think is the greatest work of his entire career. The people on this team have done some of the best work of their entire careers, and my deepest hope is that my actions don’t penalize my team. At this point, that’s what I’m working for.”

All about Will Smith’s movie Emancipation

For the unreversed, Smith’s upcoming film directed by Antoine Fuqua is based on a true story and stars Smith as a runaway slave named Peter, known better to the world as “Whipped Peter” after photographs of keloid scarring on his back were distributed to show the brutality of slavery.

The film follows Peter as he navigates the swamps of Louisiana to escape the plantation owners who nearly killed him. The film is slated to get a streaming release as well as a theatrical release. Emancipation will premiere on Apple+ on December 9 and release in theatres on December 2.

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