When Referees Lose Their Cool

When Referees Lose Their Cool


In today’s video, we will take a look at ten moments where the referee loses their cool.

The latest such incident happened in a heavyweight bout on New Year’s Day, 2022 in Hollywood, Florida.

As can be seen in the picture above, the fighter, Iago Kiladze, angrily punched the referee after the official stopped the fight after Kiladze suffered a knockdown. The stoppage came in the second round after Kiladze and his opponent, Viktor Faust, exchanged five knockdowns in a slugfest. The last fighter to get knocked down was Kiladze and the referee, using his discretion, felt that Kiladze had had enough. Kiladze disagreed and punched the referee in protest.

Since the fight was already over, as the ref declared Faust as the TKO winner, he could not disqualify or otherwise discipline Kiladze. Certainly, some action will be taken against Kiladze down the road, however. Some fighters, who have done this in the past, have been banned from boxing for life. A lot of mitigating factors will be considered. But Kiladze will have a big case to make to avoid the worst punishment. Other penalties can range from fines in the tens of thousands of dollars, suspensions, temporary and permanent loss of boxing licenses or the incident can be ruled a mere accident with no punitive action being taken. Meanwhile, Faust remained undefeated at 9–0.



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