When did Dwayne Johnson meet his second wife Lauren Hashian?

Dwayne Johnson’s wife, Lauren Hashian, is just as successful as her husband. Although she may not be an actress, she is still a celebrity in her own right and has appeared in other media.

Before The Rock met his current wife, he was first married to Dany Garcia. They met while at the University of Miami and tied the knot in May 1997. In 2001, they had their daughter Simone Johnson, also known as Ava Raine in NXT. Still, the couple only spent a few years together after she was born.

While the former couple was going through their breakup, Dwayne Johnson met singer-songwriter Lauren Hashian in 2006 at a kickoff party in Boston for one of his movies, The Game Plan. The WWE star even stated that he was instantly smitten by his wife, who was going through a breakup herself at the time.

“Within 30 seconds, I thought, ‘Wow, this girl’s stunning.’ At the time, I was going through my breakup with Dany, and she was just coming off a big breakup too. Ironically, when you’re not looking for something, the power of the universe kind of takes over,”

The divorce between Johnson and Garcia was announced in June 2007 and was finalized in May 2008, but the two remained close and are even business partners. Some of their most notable businesses today are the Seven Bucks Production company and XFL.

Meanwhile, Lauren and Dwayne began dating around the same time the divorce was announced. In 2015, the first daughter of the couple was born, Jasmine. In 2018, their second daughter, Tiana, was born. Johnson and Hashian got married in August 2019.

Why it took a while before Lauren Hashian became Dwayne Johnson’s wife
As mentioned above, the Black Adam actor went through a divorce before marrying Hashian. As it turns out, this was a factor as to why he was hesitant to tie the knot with the artist.

In an interview, The Rock revealed that despite not being married yet in the past, he has always referred to Lauren as his wife already. However, his divorce made him hesitant about marrying again. Fortunately, Hashian was patient with him and the two eventually got married in Hawaii.

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