What Happened to Vince!

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Vince is first seen starting a fight with Brian O’Conner at the Toretto store the way Mia responds by saying to Dominic that she is sick of this shit indicates that Vince & Brian have fought before.

Vince opposed Brian’s inclusion into the team, especially since Mia Toretto favored Brian over him. He has a strong sense of loyalty to Dom and considers the team his family.

During the Race Wars, Johnny Tran blames Dominic for the SWAT came into his house, causing his family to get disrespected for being narked out by someone (not knowing it was Brian who was the one), which result Dominic to beat him, with Vince pulling him away from him telling him to chill out.

Vince is seriously injured when he is shot by a trucker whose shipments he attempted to hijack. Brian called for a medivac. His injuries included gunshot wound, deep lacerations, internal bleeding, and shock. His arm was stuck on a wire but Brian had gotten him off his arm still has scars from the wire. Vince had survived his wounds, but had to flee to due to being a wanted man.

Fast Five

After free-falling through South America, he finally arrived in Rio where he met Rosa, who saved him. They had a son Nico, which was short for Dominic (as in Dominic Toretto). He explains that he met his wife during a downward spiral he blames on Brian. Vince dies of gunshot wounds while saving Luke Hobbs with other members of the team.

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