Eddie Brock’s girlfriend gets taken by Cletus Kasady a.k.a Carnage. Eddie Brock gets mad and looses control as Venom. Meanwhile Spider-Man meets Venom for the first time and they trade blows. Soon they realized they must get a long because the fate of the city is jeopardy.

Hey guys I would like to make it clear that this trailer is fan made. That means it contains clips from other movies, put together with special effects using Wondershare Filmora video editor and Photopea (Photopea.com) photo editor.

►What is a Dream Trailer?

I personally call fan made trailers ‘dream trailers’ because in a nutshell they are created for extreme movie fans. That’s why its not for everybody because just like Pro-Wrestling, some hate it some love it. If you are into dream trailers which means you appreciate bringing new ideas to your favorite movies. But my trailers, are not like any other, one word to describe it, REALISTIC.

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