Top 7 Strongest Kids 2022


1. Andrey Costash
Ukranian boy Andrey Costash has been training since the age of 5. He broke a world record by doing 4000 push-ups in 2 hours. He was reportedly unhappy with this number, as he did not achieve his personal best of… 6000! We’re sure Andrey will continue to participate in championships and will go on wowing the world with his determination and strength.

2. Maryana Naumova
This Russian born teen just might be the strongest teenage girl in the world! At just 15 she participated in the Arnold Classic and bench pressed 331 pounds and impressively was the first girl under the age of 18 to compete in the event. However, Naumova’s strength might not be genetic, after she tested positive to performance enhancing drugs.

3. Yang Jinlong
Yang Jinlong from Chuzhou in China’s Anhui province was pulling cars with ropes and carrying cement sacks of 100kg by age 7. He quickly became a celebrity in China and around the world with the performance of strength such as pulling a van with a rope tied around this waist, lifting his father on his shoulders, or carrying heavy sacks of rice or cement powder.

4. Cosmo Taylor
Most 14-year-old boys spend their days riding bikes, playing video games and playing with friends but Cosmo Taylor is anything but normal. Not only is he a body building enthusiast but enjoys bragging about his physic on social media. He consistently boasts about his 6.5% body fat on Instagram.

5. Clarence Cummings (C.J.)
At only age 14 Clarence Cummings was lifting over 100kg. Now 15, he has broken the world record in clean and jerk lift with 175kg, however because the competition was not global, he did not earn an official title. The South Carolina high school sophomore has already won over 18 national records in the United States and aims to officially beat more world records in the months and years ahead.

7. Giuliano and Claudiu Stroe
Romanian brothers-athletes from an early age began the conquest of the Guinness Book of Records. The elder brother Giuliano started working with his father when he was two years old, and only at the age of four for the first time got to the Book of Records for the fastest ten-tunneling on hand with gymnastic ball squeezed between the legs. Another record Giuliano put at the age of 9; he fulfilled 20 times press on wooden pegs. His younger brother did not give Claudio, and also made his first record as early as four years old – he is made 20 times pressed from the floor at the arm length. The boys became the world’s strongest kids.


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