Titanic 2 – Jack’s Back 2022 Directors Cut (Concept Trailer)


Are you ready to go back? To Titanic… again?
This is a brand new cut of the Jacks Back Titanic 2 trailer. Rose (Kate Winslet) and Jack (Leonardo Dicaprio) return in this fictional trailer for Titanic 2. We all know the old lady dropped the diamond in the ocean at the end. Well guess what baby? We’re going back to find it!

As the team trawl the wreck of Titanic they make a remarkable discovery. Yes, that’s right. Jack Dawson is back!

This is a new edit of my most popular video, Titanic 2 – Jacks Back. The original has 52m views but unfortunately was blocked around the world (except the US). I went back and removed the footage/music that triggered the block and present this new version. Sorry, that means Celine Dion’s heart won’t be going on anymore.

To replace the iconic theme from Titanic I wrote a new track and had it professionally performed. All the voice overs have been replaced and footage from the original film has been scrubbed from the video. This is now a Titanic 2 trailer without any footage/audio/music from the original.

This is a concept trailer. That means it’s not real. It’s a fun project created for entertainment purposes. It gives fans of the original something to enjoy and hopefully brings back memories.

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