Thor Love and Thunder Marvel Gods vs Gorr First Look Breakdown and Easter Eggs


Covering new Thor Love and Thunder First Look of the Marvel Gods vs Gorr The God Butcher. And First Look at Bast Black Panther Goddess. Marvel Godhead meeting of the Gods Explained. Bast Panther Goddess Explained. How she created the first black panther and became god of wakanda.

Moon Knight Crossover with MCU Gods and Gorr the God Butcher. New Rune King Thor First Look and Thor Scene Breakdown. Marvel Rune King Thor Explained and why he’s the most powerful version of Thor. Thor becoming a True God of the MCU. Guardians of The Galaxy 3 Teaser Crossover. Christian Bale Gorr The God Butcher First Look Breakdown. Thor Love and Thudner will begin with Chris Hemsworth Thor still traveling with the Guardians of the Galaxy after the Avengers Endgame Ending scene. He still has his Stormbreaker Weapon. And All of the Guardians of the Galaxy will be in the movie.

I’ll point out any Loki Episode connections to Thor Love and Thunder if we see them in the Marvel Trailers. Loki Episodes will connect to Thor Love and Thunder more than the other Marvel Movies like Spider-Man No Way Home and Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness.

New Thor 4 Love and Thunder Story Breakdown. Chris Hemsworth Thor other new costumes. Eric Masterson Thunderstrike, Beta Ray Bill Easter Eggs and there are Avengers Endgame Deleted Scenes connecting Beta Ray Bill to Marvel Phase 4 too.

Thor will still be a huge character in the MCU after Thor Love and Thunder. Chris Hemsworth said he’s going to keep playing Thor for a long time though.

More Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness Bonus videos and Easter Eggs videos posting next! There’s a lot of really cool new characters, concepts and stuff to talk about! My Full Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode videos will start posting soon too!

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