They provoked this couple, so the boxer sent them to the realm of dreams

The two men will remember well the day they received fierce beatings.

The rudeness towards the girl and the guy who passed by them paid dearly because they went for the wrong person – a boxer.

The video that appeared shows a girl and a man walking through a tunnel, after which she was hit by a stone by two people standing there.

The guy tried to react, the girl first stopped him, but then there was obviously a new throw-in to which this unnamed boxer could not remain immune.

He came back, knocked them both out with punches, and one of them lay motionless.




This is just another proof that you should not pretend to be smart and provoke on the street, especially if you are weaker.

These guys pretended to be thugs, and if you don't need to support street violence, they absolutely deserved a beating for rudeness.

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