The Great Debate The Fast and Furious Films Have Never Responded

With the Fast and Furious film series nearing its two-part conclusion, one important topic remains unresolved to this day. The forthcoming Fast X, directed by Louis Letterier (who replaces the outgoing Justin Lin), reveals that the Fast Saga’s run has been as long as it has been unexpected. With the Fast & Furious franchise’s reputation for ongoing elevation and change with each chapter, the Fast & Furious series appears likely to conclude with one mystery relating to Fast Five still unresolved.

Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his team steal millions of dollars from Brazilian mafia leader Hernan Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida) in Rio de Janeiro in Fast Five. In the sequel Fast & Furious 6, they effectively become mercenaries for the US government after being recruited for a task by DSS agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson).

As reward for the assignment, Dom and company obtain pardons for their illegal deeds, although Fast & Furious 6 never resolves the issue of whether they were compelled to repay the money they took.

The ensuing films in the Fast Saga show little more care for resolving this topic than Fast & Furious 6 did as the series continued to need an ever-greater suspension of disbelief, even leaping into space in F9. In reality, the Fast & Furious films stress Dom’s family’s adventurous and idyllic lifestyle, with none of them ever depicted holding a typical job. Without any obvious employment on the side of Dom or those closest to him, the Fast & Furious franchise appears to be implying that all of them are still wealthy.

The nature of the pardons themselves might be one plausible explanation. Dom and company appear to be working for free on every subsequent operation they’ve been sent to. Even in personal disputes, such as Furious 7, tasks for the United States government are sometimes thrown on. This might imply that a condition of the group’s one-time enemy Hobbs’ pardons allowing them to keep their stolen fortunes is for Dom and his crew to be on call for future operations at the discretion of Hobbs, Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell), or other government officials.

Of course, the Fast Saga’s concern for logic has waned with each consecutive instalment. This makes the Fast Saga’s apparent indifference in explaining its characters’ financial security not entirely surprising.

With escapades of growing magnitude and bombast quickly becoming a way of life for Dom and his family, reporting on their financial status is definitely not one of the Fast & Furious franchise’s responsibilities.

There might be a secret tale explanation for Dom and the other Fast Saga’s superhero-like characters becoming as affluent as Batman. However, the nature of the franchise itself most likely holds the solution. If the Fast & Furious franchise doesn’t need to address whether Dom’s team had to return their money, it’s reasonable to assume that they never had to, for whatever reason.

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