THE EXPENDABLES 4 Trailer #4 (2022) Keanu Reeves, Sylvester Stallone, Dwayne Johnson (Fan Made)


The Expendables is one of the popular franchise in action films history and its no surprise why its also popular in MacamTV. With the history of Sylvester Stallone viral trailers such as Rocky VII, it is my pleasure once again to bring to you my dream trailer that includes our favorite action heroes. For example, The Rock, this time we get to see him in the beginning getting recruited by Jason Statham thanks to the Under Armour commercial.

Also since Liam Neeson’s viral status in the channel I gave him more spotlight in this one. We get a clip of him talking to Jason Statham from Ted 2. One of the best scenes in this one is when John Wick himself Keanu Reeves is fighting Jason Statham, but he gets into a car. With the magic of editing I made this scene connect. Another blessing is the BBQ ad by Sly, which had him in expendables uniform, is probably the best part of the trailer.

The first trailer was good because it had the actual music from the franchise, the rest the tone was off, mostly because it was too serious. For the 4th installation of this dream trailer I wanted to bring the vibe back thanks to the Suicide Squad trailer music, which had a upbeat tone. “I made a mistake by saving his life” line adds to the plot of Barney regretting to work with Lee since his betrayal.

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