The Critics Have Seen Top Gun: Maverick And This Is What They’re Saying


“Top Gun: Maverick” launched at CinemaCon, where Paramount Pictures held the tentpole’s most memorable public screening and created rave first responses.

Columnists in participation are hailing the hotly anticipated “Top Gun” continuation as “the ideal blockbuster” and “breathtaking every way under the sun.”

The film will screen at the Cannes Film Festival in May before Paramount deliveries it in auditoriums over Memorial Day weekend.

Principal Pictures president Brian Robbins presented the CinemaCon screening of the film and said star Tom Cruise has procured his standing as the most trying entertainer in Hollywood.

Voyage was not in participation but rather sent along a pre-kept video in which he told the crowd, “If it’s not too much trouble, appreciate, and, hello, how about we attempt to have an incredible summer!”

Several minutes in the film had the crowd cheering, and Paramount leaders were excited with the manner in which theater proprietors were answering the film.

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