THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 3 – First Trailer | Marvel Studios & Sony Pictures – Andrew Garfield


The inspiration behind this video:

The inclusion of Venom in this fan poster fits with the general conversation that has sprung up around a potential Amazing Spider-Man 3. Sony’s current Marvel universe revolves around a growing number of Spider-Man villains, and Venom (Tom Hardy) is its most prominent member.

Fans have been especially interested in the idea of Garfield fighting Venom in a future movie, and that is likely where the concept for this poster came from. Of course, the addition of Gwen adds a new twist to this setup and makes it even more devastating.

Sadly, though, there are no official plans for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 just yet. There have been rumblings of a Spider-Man joining Sony’s Marvel universe, with Morbius director Dan Espinosa even confirming one is supposed to exist. Whether that turns out to be Garfield’s remains to be seen, but the interest is there.

Sony has acknowledged the calls for The Amazing Spider-Man 3… in a sense, as its social media team offered a winking mention of it while promoting No Way Home. Still, there is no saying what the future holds. Stranger things have happened in Hollywood, so perhaps there is more ahead for Garfield (and Stone) in the Marvel world.

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