THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 3 – First Look Trailer | Marvel Studios & Sony Pictures – Andrew Garfield


The inspiration behind this video:

Garfield’s Spider-Man is the ideal hero for Sony’s universe. The main reason for this is that his universe meshes perfectly with the one Venom and Morbius currently exist in. Both universes are darker and grittier than the MCU, don’t have incredibly stylized tones, and lack copious amounts of heroes. Furthermore, while a lot of time has passed between Raimi’s Spider-Man films and now, not nearly as much time has passed since The Amazing Spider-Man series.

Andrew Garfield is still in his prime, so he alone would be enough to rejuvenate Sony’s universe. Garfield still has plenty of years left where he could be a believable Spider-Man, meaning that he can act as the main character of these films for however long Sony wants to keep making them. Also, these movies don’t contradict Garfield’s movies at all, as they don’t feature Venom or Morbius.

The biggest reason to bring back Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man, though, is that it will finally pay off the plans Sony made so many years ago. Venom, Sinister Six, and more were originally supposed to be connected to The Amazing Spider-Man movies. While some didn’t like the two films, many fans were excited to see this larger universe. Now that Sony has had time to reevaluate, and finally got Garfield right with No Way Home, there is no better way to bring back these original plans than to pay off Morbius’ Sinister Six setup in The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

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