TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY Clip – “Hospital Escape” (1991)


The Terminator franchise is a property that has continued to resist Hollywood gravity for years now, though it’s not difficult to see why. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the muscleman whose underestimated acting abilities made the eponymous killer robot a cinematic sensation, is still game to reprise his role in movie after movie.

The concept of militarized mecha hunting down and killing defenseless humans has ceased to even be fiction anymore, and of course, James Cameron has come around on the idea of drawing more paychecks from one of his most successful properties.

But the trouble is that the series as a whole hasn’t been good for a while. Even the latest movie, Dark Fate, the sixth in the series,

didn’t really do much to move the needle despite being a pretty decent action film and a welcome return for Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor in a movie where Cameron again gets a writing credit after having huffed about not wanting to continue the property when Terminator 3 came out in 2003.


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