SUPERIOR IRONMAN – Teaser Trailer | Marvel Studios & Disney+ | Tom Cruise As Tony Stark


There are many clues in the trailer to support the theory this is the Superior Iron Man, and many more lie in the comics.

Comic book fans know Superior Iron Man is one of the most powerful and one of the most corrupt versions of Tony Stark, and his possible appearance in the movie signals that some major events are about to unfold in the MCU in the near future.

The Superior Iron Man is actually one of the darkest versions of the character. His entire personality was inverted in 2015’s Avengers & X-Men: AXIS #9 by a magical spell that brought all of his worst traits to the forefront, including his greed and ego.

Iron Man then moves to San Francisco and begins developing a new, free app that became very popular. But the app was actually the Extremis 3.0 virus, and it infected all of its millions of users. Worse, Tony Stark then started charging people to keep using it.

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