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With the announcement that Squid Game will officially get a season 2, Netflix executives are now referring to a “Squid Game universe,” which represents a pretty risky maneuver – at least creatively speaking. To be sure, Squid Game season 1 was an unparalleled success for the streaming service, easily snagging the title of most viewed Netflix original show of all time with 1.6 billion hours viewed. At the same time, the series might not be able to go the distance that Netflix seems to think it can.

Due to its enormous popularity and cliffhanger ending, Squid Game viewers have been theorizing about what the show could do in season 2 ever since season 1 dropped. This was in part supported by the fact that the series’ creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk, revealed that he was already mapping out future seasons in his head before Netflix ever gave the official green light. While some more outlandish theories, such as Sae-byeok being alive in Squid Game season 2, have been debunked for the better, others have actually been somewhat confirmed by Hwang, such as a “Darth Vader transformation” for the show’s protagonist, Seong Gi-hun.

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