ROCKY VII (HD) Trailer #3 “Last Fight” Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren | Rocky Returns (Fan Made)


Rocky VII dream trailer 1 and 2 got me watching the whole Rocky series. Likewise we needed to see the same characters in Rocky’s world like Adonis Creed and his son. Creed will be a supporting character that will be friends with Rocky Jr.

To make this a better version I needed to include new things, one is the iconic Eye Of The Tiger theme. I got creative in the end with the Rocky chants from WWE I added in the background.

The plot of Rocky Jr. getting discourage to be a boxer and Rocky stepping back in the ring to inspire him was something I came up with for the previews dreamt trailer but never really incorporated it in the trailer.

Fortunately we get a chance this time to bring it to light, thanks to green screen editing. I made a breaking news “Rocky Balboa Jr joins boxing” to make it realistic. “I want to be a boxer like my father” line is one of the voice over I did.

With the magic of editing we get to see Rocky Balboa fight the supposed opponent of his son thanks to The Grudge Match movie! I have to say this might be the best version so far story wise.

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