RAMBO 6: FOREVER Teaser Trailer – Sylvester Stallone | The Franchise Finale (Fan Made)


After a 25-year absence, John Rambo returns to the United States.

Only to discover that everyone is out to find him in exchange for a significant sum of money during the annual purge.

Rambo is a legendary character, and one idea that came to mind was what if he was part of the purge. This concept was already tried with John Wick.

Because there are no female characters in this storey, I included music with a female voice and the “Purge announcement” to help balance things out.

Of course, we required Rambo aspects, such as his signature dagger, riding a horse, bow and arrow, and more, to make this a Rambo trailer and not another Sly action picture! From the fan film comes the legendary knife.

Its always a pleasure to make a trailer for iconic franchise like Rambo. I can’t believe this is the first time I made one, so if you are a Rambo fan I invite you to Subscribe so you don’t miss when the full trailer drops!

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