Momma bear struggles to get her four naughty cubs across a busy road

Parents everywhere are relating to footage showing a momma bear struggling to get her rowdy bunch of bear cubs to cross the road Luckily for her, local police stopped traffic from both directions to give her a bit more breathing room. In the clip below, you can see the momma bear grabbing one of the four cubs by the neck and taking it across the road as another follows her, but it’s not over! Two of the cubs stayed behind, whether out of stubbornness or a lack of awareness. Shortly after one of the cubs left behind is seen running across the road after its mom while the other is too busy attempting to climb a pole. One of the four cubs is seen running across the road after its mom This forced the momma bear back across the road to get her most mischievous fourth cub. Unfortunately, this meant that one of the cubs already crossed followed her back into the road again.

At one point, the mama bear was forced to cross the road once again to get her fourth hard-headed cub that decided to climb a pole She grabs the stubborn cub and puts him in the middle of the road before attempting to grab the other. A rowdy bunch of bear cubs made it extremely difficult for their mother as she tried to get them to cross a road over the weekend Clearly irritated at this point, the bear even tried to pick both cubs up at the same time before just giving up and carrying one over. The mama bear appeared to try and pick up two cubs at once before growing frustrated and running off with just one as the other followed her Luckily for the mother, the final cub now decided to follow her. Finally, just when it looked like they were all safely across the road, one of the cubs runs back right in the middle of the road, prompting momma to chase after it. Thankfully for her, this was the last of the craziness and they were all finally over.

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