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Marvel Studios isn’t in a hurry to introduce the X-Men – and there’s a good reason. In March 2019, Disney finally completed its acquisition of the bulk of Fox’s film and TV empire.

As expected, the film rights to the X-Men and the Fantastic Four returned at last to Marvel Studios. Marvel has already confirmed a Fantastic Four movie is in the works, that Jon Watts – the helmer of Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise – will direct it.

But one thing is becoming clear; Marvel Studios seem to be in no hurry to introduce the X-Men. The studio has announced movies running through to 2023, along with a range of MCU TV shows on Disney+, and there’s no solid news of an X-Men show.

There have been reports that Marvel has begun work on a feature film called The Mutants, but it appears to be in the earliest stages of development, with no known plot details, writers, directors, or cast members.

What’s more, that title doesn’t necessarily mean this will introduce the X-Men as a team.

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