Marilyn moment! Jessica Alba narrowly avoids a wardrobe malfunction as her high-waisted skirt gets blown up by a gust of wind

She’s a clean-eating warrior who even has her own organic empire called The Honest Co. So it was no surprise Jessica Alba made a bee-line for the Whole Foods store during an outing in New York on Wednesday.

However her quest for some green goods almost ended in disaster after she walked over a subway grate and suffered a slight wardrobe malfunction,

with her plum-coloured skirt blowing up in the gust – echoing the iconic image of Marilyn Monroe’s white dress doing the same thing in 1955.

Risky business! Jessica Alba’s plum coloured-skirt blew up when the actress walked across an air vent during an outing in New York on Wednesday

Wardrobe malfunction: The actress handled the slip-up like a pro, quickly pushing down her skirt to protect her modesty.

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