Keanu Reeves compares Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions disappointment to Star Wars

Keanu Reeves has looked at the mistake many fans felt over the Matrix spin-offs of Star Wars.

The entertainer, 57, plays Neo in the sci-fi film series, which is returning this week following 18 years with The Matrix Resurrections.

It’s the third spin-off after The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, which were delivered in 2002 and 2003, separately.

The two movies got negative surveys at that point – particularly when contrasted with the reaction with the widely praised unique Matrix film, which was delivered in 1999.

Reeves recognized the way that fans felt baffled by the spin-offs in another meeting withThe Guardian.

The meeting noticed that the entertainer is “thoughtful” to these fans as he encountered a comparable inclination when he saw third Star Wars fillm Return of the Jedi as a 19-year-old in 1983.

“I went in, similar to, ‘Goodness, I wonder, are they going to do this, and will they do that… ? And afterward I was, similar to, ‘Goodness. Goodness.’ Um, so I absolutely get it.”

He proceeded: “I realize that experience as a filmgoer. Yet, I simply attempt to leave films alone, y’know? I attempt to contemplate what the makers were going for. It’s their show-stopper, man. I attempt to come to their specialty and meet it any place it is.”

The principal responses to The Matrix Resurrections, which is coordinated by Lana Wachowski, have shown up after the film’s debut.

It will be delivered in films on 23 December.

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