Kate Middleton's Dress Designer Has A Secret For Avoiding 'Marilyn Moments'

Jenny Packham is Kate Middleton’s favorite designer. But after a recent wardrobe malfunction, Packham has a new plan for preventing “Marilyn moments” when the Duchess is photographed wearing her dresses.

A “Marilyn moment” refers to when a dress blows up and exposes a woman’s legs, like Marilyn Monroe’s did in the iconic scene from “The Seven-Year Itch.”

Packham plans to weight down Kate’s gowns to keep the hem from blowing up, the designer told The London Evening Standard.

“The duchess wore the dress at an airport while touring north America, and the wind blowing up the runway revealed rather too much of the royal legs. “Well, I didn’t know it was going to be worn on a windy runway,” laughs Packham. “But I did think maybe in future I will put in more weighting, just in case.”

The Royal family is probably more sensitive to wardrobe malfunctions, since topless and bottomless photos of Kate were leaked last month.

And pleasing the Duchess pays off for Packham: her business has gone up 40 percent since she started dressing Kate.

[Disclaimer: This news has been made on the basis of information received from the website. NewsKosh does not confirm this from its side.]

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