Johnny Depp Treats Camille Vasquez To Sweet Candy 🍭


Johnny Depp and his lawyer Camille Vasquez have sparked massive buzz around their potential romance as netizens can’t stop bombarding their theories.

While many social media users sang praises for the lawyer, others pointed out the big reason the duo couldn’t be possibly dating.

The rise of massive dating speculations:
Vasquez has carried out an impressive job cross-examining her client’s ex-wife Amber Heard with her lightning-fast objections in the ongoing defamation lawsuit.

Amid the bombshell trial, the Pirates of the Caribbean star was seen laughing and hugging his attorney a few times which led to never-ending speculations among fans.

Reacting to the candid moments between Vasquez and her Hollywood star client, fans took to Twitter to share their two cents on the matter.

“I can answer this: yes,” one fan wrote while another gushed over them by expressing, “They look fabulous as a couple.”

A third predicted, “If they’re not they will be!”

“She sure should be!!!!! She seems to be a top-notch woman & let’s face it … Depp isn’t a perfect man by any measure, but he sure as heck seems to be kind and genuine in all that he does,” a fourth person noted.

However, many fans were of the view that the duo can’t be dating because “Ethics violation for the attorney if true and if began after representing Depp,” one tweet read.

“She would lose her license to practice law so I would say no,” another post read.

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