John Cena vs Brock Lesnar | Fights and Training


The John Cena workout has supersized his physique for the WWE. The workout gets John Cena jacked by focusing on traditional bodybuilding routines. Cena has found that training heavy has given him the best strength gains. The key to the John Cena Workout is his trainer, Rob McIntyre. Rob McIntyre is a close friend of John Cena’s and has been in the industry a long time. Whether you call him the “Face of WWE,” “Doctor of Thugnamics,” “The Prototype,” “The Cenation Leader,” “The Champ,” “The Chain Gang Soldier,” “Mr. Money in the Bank,” or even “Fruity Pebbles,” one thing remains certain. The John Cena workout transformed him into the monster wrestler that he is today.

The John Cena Workout Routine focuses on lifting heavy weight. John Cena says he warms up before every workout by doing lighter sets of each exercise. These lighter sets are important for his workout routine, because once he gets going, the lifting gets heavy. You never want to jump into a heavy lifting workout routine. You always want to start light, to activate the muscles that you’re about to put under a lot of strain and duress. Feel free to do lots of sets at lighter weight to start your workout routine. About the John Cena workout routine, he says: I TRY TO PUT A LOT MORE EMPHASIS ON WARM UP AND FLEXIBILITY BECAUSE MY BODY’S GETTING A LITTLE BIT OLDER. BUT, MY ROUTINE IS LONGER TRAINING SESSIONS, LONGER REST PERIODS, HEAVIER WEIGHT. MY FITNESS GOAL IS TO ALWAYS BE STRONGER.

Brock Lesnar (born on 12th July 1977) is a professional wrestler, MMA fighter, and former American football player and amateur wrestler who is presently signed to the WWE. With four WWE World Championships, one UFC Heavyweight Championship, and an NCAA Heavyweight Wrestling Championship to his name, the Beast Incarnate is one of the most celebrated athletes in the wrestling history.

Having been raised in a rural area in South Dakota, Lesnar has learned the meaning of hard work, mental endurance, and power at an early age. As a young man, he devised an unconventional training program to develop agility and strength. With no workout facilities in his native land, Lesnar used equipment from their dairy farm in Webster to shape his physique.

Once Lesnar started his careers in wrestling and MMA, he realized the importance of improving cardiovascular fitness, as well as strength and stamina. His weekly training regimen now includes 4 days of workout with 2 training sessions each day. The morning sessions are used for honing his wrestling/fighting skills while the evening sessions are reserved for lifting weights and sports-specific conditioning.

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