Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Top 10 Spin Kicks In His Movies, Ranked

Jean-Claude Van Damme is a guaranteed activity legend by his own doing. Here are Van Damme’s best twist kicks in hes movies.



Jack Quinn Vs. Stavros (Double Team/1997)

Van Damme went facing Mickey Rourke in 1997’s Double Team where they combat in a field illuminated by mines. The two had to step cautiously while hurrying each other with a progression of quick fire assaults. Van Damme’s person Quinn figured out how to nail Rourke’s Stavros with an all around planned jumping reverse kick that sent him into a free for all.

It was sufficient for Stavros to lose his attention and step on one of his own mines which caught him. Eventually, he gazed intently at the jaws of a horrendous tiger who went for the throat and wound up setting off the mine, setting off a monstrous chain response blast.


Luc Deveraux Vs. Andrew Scott (Universal Solider/1992)

Van Damme’s rivalrous science with Dolph Lundgren played out completely in the first Universal Soldier, particularly during the battle scenes showing the previous’ more modest form in contrast with the last’s transcending presence. It’s as yet one of Van Damme’s best battles as it plays out a long development showing Luc Deveraux getting totally whipped before at last acquiring the advantage.

Here, Van Damme tosses a ton of round kicks yet he saves a variety of his converse twist kick for last. Subsequent to conveying a few strong blows, Andrew Scott gets his foot and bends it which permits Deveraux to go straight into an opposite kick. Fascinating that Scott turns Deveraux’s lower leg the other way of the kick, which was most likely a coherence mistake.


Christopher Dubois Vs. Khan (The Quest/1996)

When 1996 had moved around, crowds had seen Van Damme’s unique jumping reverse kick so often that any film without it felt inadequate. The Quest discovered him rejoined with his Lionheart co-star Abdel Qissi who assumed the part of the Mongolian warrior Khan.

Here, his jumping reverse kick just served to pester Khan who returned with a staggering hit that thumped Dubois back into the group. Notwithstanding, Dubois squeezed his assault and kept on beating on Khan until he went out like a light.


Ivan Kraschinsky Vs. Forthright Peters (No Retreat, No Surrender/1986)

One of Van Damme’s first employments of the jumping reverse kick was during his breakout execution in No Retreat, No Surrender. The last venture sees his person Ivan Kraschinsky going toward a few rivals in the ring whom he wrecks before at long last experiencing a similar destiny, himself.

His fight with Frank Peters is by all accounts equally coordinated from the outset, however it isn’t some time before Kraschinsky figures out how to choke him. He at long last stops Peters by throwing him around the ring like a cloth doll prior to skipping him off a tightrope and thumping him with out a jumping reverse kick.


Colonel Guile Vs. M. Buffalo (Street Fighter/1994)

Raul Julia carried a huge load of essence to the job of M. Buffalo in the much-set up camp 1994 surprisingly realistic Street Fighter film, and it’s hard to envision the film without him. His battle with Van Damme’s Guile is both senseless and exceptionally engaging with Julia carrying a legit credibility to the twisted person.


Buffalo figures out how to get the high ground against Guile with his electromagnetic Psycho Crusher assault, yet Guile utilizes it for his potential benefit by jump invert kicking him into his own TV show which triggers an enormous explosion…and one horrendous quip.


Kurt Sloane Vs. Tong Po (Kickboxer/1989)

Tong Po stays one of Van Damme’s generally fearsome and unlikeable miscreants. In addition to the fact that he paralyzed person Kurt Sloane’s sibling in a battle, however he went on to physically attack a companion and afterward coerce him into tossing a battle. When the last venture had come, Sloane was prepared for retribution.

Subsequent to pounding him into the ground, Tong Po became incensed and assaulted him with a light. Sloane countered with a Thai-style roundhouse kick which left him totally open for the exemplary jumping reverse kick done in sluggish movement to permit Van Damme to moan forever.


Chad Wagner Vs. Moon (Double Impact/1991)

Van Damme went facing the cumbersome Bolo Yeung in 1991’s Double Impact and got his butt gave to him decidedly. He wound up getting compensation in the last venture anyway when Yeung’s person Moon assaulted him and attempted to kill him with a weighty barrel. Van Damme’s person Chad was more ready for the battle nearly from the beginning, and figured out how to manage a decent beating.

Moon became progressively irate and flew at Chad in a fury, just to come foot-to-look with Van Damme’s jumping reverse kick. This strike shifted the direction of the battle by confounding Moon long enough for Chad to land a couple of more kicks prior to sending him flying into an electrical wire box.


Gibson Rickenbacker Vs. Chain Thug (Cyborg/1989)

One of Van Damme’s initial endeavors into the science fiction domain was 1989’s Cyborg where he played Gibson Rickenbacker, a “slinger” hired soldier employed to accompany a young lady conveying data on a fix to a lethal plague. En route he is assaulted by privateers drove by Fender Tremolo, an awful warrior who needs to corner the fix.

Van Damme breaks out the jumping reverse kick in especially remarkable style here after a chain-employing hooligan figures out how to snare his lower leg, making Rickenbacker dispatch into the move and cut the hooligan’s throat open with a blade stowed away in the toe of his boat.


Straightforward Dux Vs. Chong Li (Bloodsport/1988)

In the wake of whipping Chong Li in the last battle of Bloodsport, the last chooses to cheat by hurling a ground salt pill in Frank Dux’s face which blinds him and leaves him totally open for assault. Chong Li starts beating on Frank Dux to where it seems like the match has been lost.


Nonetheless, Dux carries out his initial preparing under the shrewd tutelage of his sensei Senzo Tanaka and counters Chong Li’s assaults. To compound an already painful situation, he nails Chong Li dead in the face with not one, not two, not three…but four jumping reverse kicks that put him face-down in the mat.


Chance Boudreaux Vs. Stephan (Hard Target/1993)

John Woo’s Hard Target is probably as high power activity as you can get. It’s a show-stopper of exciting gunplay, astounding blasts, and confounding combative techniques successions. Here, Van Damme executes his jumping reverse kick in what is maybe the feature of his whole history with the move.

In the wake of taking out a biker, Van Damme’s Chance Boudreaux takes his firearm and twirls around to start shooting at Stephan, played by the unbelievable Sven-Ole Thorsen. In the wake of discharging the whole clasp in him (while holding the firearm topsy turvy, no less), Boudreaux chooses to polish him off with the exemplary jumping reverse kick.


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