Jean Claude Van Damme Talks ‘The Expendables 2’ & Steven Seagal’s Weight

Sylvester Stallone has introduced a number of new action icons into his Expendables universe in The Expendables 2. In accordance with upping the thrills and comedy ante on this one,

he tapped Bloodsport’s Jean Claude Van Damme to play the central antagonist, Jean Vilain.

We had the chance to take a seat down with Van Damme to speak about rising as an actor, Common Soldier: Day of Reckoning and who ought to play the villain in The Expendables 3.


The Expendables are again and this time it’s private… Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone), Lee Christmas (Jason Statham), Yin Yang (Jet Li), Gunnar Jensen (Dolph Lundgren),Toll Street (Randy Couture) and Hale Caesar (Terry Crews) – with latest members Billy the Child (Liam Hemsworth) and Maggie (Yu Nan) aboard – are reunited when Mr. Church (Bruce Willis) enlists the Expendables to tackle a seemingly easy job. The duty seems like a simple paycheck

for Barney and his band of old-school mercenaries. However when issues go incorrect and one in every of their very own is viciously killed, the Expendables are compelled to hunt revenge in hostile territory the place the chances are stacked in opposition to them. Hell-bent on payback, the crew cuts a swath of destruction by opposing forces, wreaking

havoc and shutting down an sudden menace within the nick of time – six kilos of weapons-grade plutonium; sufficient to alter the steadiness of energy on the planet. However that’s nothing in comparison with the justice they serve in opposition to the villainous adversary who savagely murdered their brother.

That’s carried out the Expendables manner….

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