Jason Statham vs. Vin Diesel: Who’d Win In A Fight?

In a bareknuckle fight, it could come down to who lands first as they are both well muscled so might be able to punch quite hard, I don`t know if Statham has had much training on how to punch correctly but he does have some martial arts training and is a black belt in BJJ, I feel that would give him a decided edge, if he goes for a take down it`s all over, Diesel has had no training in martial arts and hasn`t been trained to punch with all his weight, having ssaid that some guys punch naturally hard, but I`ll go with Statham even though his former girlfriend Kelly Brook punched him in the face and he did nothing back, maybe she could beat the crap out of both of them.

Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham and Vin Diesel – three of the most high-profile stars of the Fast and Furious establishment – have it in their agreements that their characters can’t lose battles in the movies. A 2019 Wall Street Journal story cited a few group associated with the movies – editors, makers, and so forth – who talked about how the entertainers have gauges set up to abstain from seeming to be ‘weaklings’.

The report said that “as per makers and team individuals on the movies, Mr. Statham, 51 years of age, arranged a concurrence with the studio that limits how gravely he can be bested up on screen. Mr. Diesel, 52, has his more youthful sister, a maker on the movies, police the quantity of punches he takes. Furthermore, Mr. Johnson, 47, enrolls makers, editors and battle organizers to help ensure he generally gives as great as he gets.”

“It resembles that old saying where an entertainer comes in and needs more closeups,” an anonymous proofreader told the WSJ. “They need more muscles.” The report refered to the case of a scene in Furious 7, where The Rock was assumed lay on the ground before Diesel, however had the scene reworked with the goal that he was sitting all things being equal. Diesel is said to have fostered an including framework which allocates a score to each hit – punches, kicks, headbutts – his character takes, as away to keep a tab on who comes up on top.


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