“It’s Your Fault” Will Smith FINALLY Blames Jada Pinkett For LOSING His Oscar


“It’s Your Fault” Will Smith FINALLY Blames Jada Pinkett For LOSING His Oscar.

Will Smith is very much under fire for what happened at the Oscars, but it’s also fair to say that Jada Pinkett Smith is under fire as well. Because while she didn’t do anything untoward at the awards show, many consider her the “true trigger” for the events that happened.

And as a result of that, many wondered what her reaction to the events would be. Especially given that so many celebrities were going around and making their own thoughts known about the subject. Well, she did react, but maybe not in the way you were suspecting. We’ll break it down for you, be sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel!

And there you have it, everyone! A look at the situation with Will and Jada Smith and how their reactions help paint a picture for what these two are trying to do in order to end this situation on their own terms.

Do you think that their attempts will work? Do you feel as though things will turn a corner for them going forward? Let us know in the comments below, be sure to subscribe and we’ll see you next time on the channel!


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