IRONMAN 4 – FIRST TRAILER | Marvel Studios & Disney+ | Robert Downey Jr. Returns Tony Stark (HD)

IRONMAN 4 – FIRST TRAILER | Marvel Studios & Disney+ | Robert Downey Jr. Returns Tony Stark (HD)


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Although Iron Man’s role in the MCU did define Marvel’s entire franchise – and had a series of engaging storylines that brought a sense of genuine character development along with them – many were surprised to see him go in Endgame, despite the fact that his trilogy of Iron Man films had seen him go through an arc that made it clear he was willing to give his life to save the world and those within in. While it could be argued that many didn’t see this demise coming out of sentimental reasons, there is also a practical one: there are a ton of iconic Iron Man comics the MCU didn’t touch, that could have been perfect for Iron Man 4. In fact, prior to this, it had been speculated for some time that Tony’s plotline would culminate in an Armor Wars adaptation – only for it to instead be revealed that this comic would be used for a Disney+ series starring War Machine instead.

This raises the strange but satisfying concept, however, that there still could be an Iron Man 4. In fact, there should be an Iron Man 4, as it makes more sense to dedicate one film to the aftermath of Tony’s death and the subsequent impact it has not only on the MCU roster but also the Marvel world – instead of solely showing it through things like Spider-Man: Far From Home’s plot revolving around an AI named EDITH Tony leaves Peter in case of his death. While moments like this should still be included, there’s surely far more to cover in regards to how the loss of Iron Man could affect Marvel’s America and future, and making room for this to be fully explored through a fourth film dedicated to the hero may actually still be the best option.

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