I Am Legend 2 – Will Smith (2022 Teaser Movie Trailer Concept)


Will Smith returns in this teaser trailer concept for I am Legend 2. Following the events of the 2007 film, Robert Neville (Will Smith) battles against an unstoppable zombie force in a deserted future. The Earth was wiped out by a plague, and those who survived turned into deadly, ravenous creatures. Will he find a cure and restore order to the world?

This trailer was a submission by the super talented editor KH Studio. Take a look for more awesome trailer work on his channel. Link in the comment section.

This is a concept trailer. That means it’s not real. It’s created just for fun. These videos are made by fans as a creative outlet (and a way for us to enjoy the original films). There IS an actual sequel to I Am Legend coming soon, as the original film was a box office smash.

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