I Am Legend 2 (2023) “Cure” Trailer #5 [HD] Will Smith, Michael B Jordan (Fan Made)


The more I make Will Smith trailers, the more I become a fan. And honestly at this point, I think I’m officially a fan and admire his work in his movies. I Am Legend remains to be my favorite Will Smith film, to make this series work it has to be based on the actual events of the original ending (not the alternate version).

We follow up when the last time we saw Dr. Robert, is the explosion, so once again we begin with that. This time we see him jump out of the fire (clip from SKYFALL). Then we get breathing sound (from AFTER EARTH) for Dr. Robert hospital scene. The people taking him are suppose to be the survivors.

Y THE LAST MAN has some awesome downtown city ghost town that I had to use to imply that this concept is right after the movie, the last versions was when the world came back to normal, this time its still the same. Speaking of something new, we get mannequins, thanks to a comment in one my I Am Legend 2 video, an element that was in the franchise that was missing in my dream trailers!

“We found the cure” line I voice over was referencing that Dr.Robert has the invented hope for the world to be normal again (which can still connect directly with the preview version, even though its years later, which could be scenes of the end of the dream movie)

Ofcourse we have to include a german shepherd, to be an essential element to make a good I Am Legend 2 concept. Last but not the least, my favorite line “Fear is a choice” from AFTER EARTH, was the perfect fit since it relates to the franchise, how you have to be fearless to survive.

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