How Jason Statham Spends His Millions


How Jason Statham Spends His Millions?

Jason Statham is one of the richest action stars in Hollywood. The British tough guy had a net worth of $90 million at the time of producing this video, and he owns some incredible things. He uses his vast fortune to buy mansions in the United States and England, and he has a fabulous car collection filled with rare and expensive automobiles.

Jason Statham’s earning power is increasing every year. He earned just $20,760 for Snatch, but his salary increased to $450,000 for the Italian Job and $750,000 for the Transporter. Statham took home $5 million for his starring role in Crank 2: High Voltage, and if his success at the box office continues, he could easily earn more than $20 million for future films. He earned $20 million for Hobbs & Shaw – which is the exact same amount that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson earned for the film.

Statham owns two properties in the U.K. and a stunning mansion in Beverly Hills. He also once owned a beautiful beach house in Malibu, California. Statham also collects Rolex watches, and he’s especially fond of rare and vintage timepieces. Statham owns a $25,000 Rolex Explorer II, a $12,000 Rolex Submariner, and a $585,000 Rolex Daytona. Statham collects more than just Rolexes.

He also owns a Patek Phillipe Nautilus worth $63,000. Statham has many expensive supercars and luxury sports cars in his garage. He owns an orange Lamborghini Murcielago and a Porsche 911 GT2. This is how Jason Statham spends his millions. Keep watching to find out more.

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