Home Alone (I – II) All Cast: Then and Now

Home Alone (I – II) All Cast: Then and Now


Home Alone is a very popular family film for the holidays. And rightfully so. The film is all about family and has themes that makes the adult think and plenty of humor for the kids. The humor really is solid for a family film. John Hughes does his thing with the screenplay and has plenty of moments for the adults to enjoy with the kids and for the adults to enjoy without the kids. It’s another script to add to John Hughes’s wonderful career and helps in his contention as one of the greatest screenwriters ever. Few could find the balance of dramatic themes and flat out humor the way he could. The actors are also good. Culkin is impressive at such a young age and Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci have always been able to make me chuckle in this movie. It isn’t without its flaws, though. The slapstick gets a little too much during the climax, ranging from stupid to flat out ridiculous with the traps Kevin sets up for the burglars. I’m fine with the ice on the steps or even the tar on the steps, but things like the zipline and blowtorch to the head make me shake my head a bit. It’s great for the kids though. Complaints aside, this is a solid holiday film that I’ve enjoyed since I first saw it in theaters as a young kid over 20 years ago.



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