Grant Hill Is Thanking God He Didn’t Marry Jada Pinkett Like @Will Smith Did


Have you noticed in every photo that Jada Pinkett is in that doesn’t include Will Smith, she seems so happy, but in every photo with Will Smith, it looks like she has an attitude?

She always has her hands over other men, but never with Will.

I am sure body language experts will tell you she doesn’t have much love or affection for Will Smith at this point in their marriage.

In this latest story, it seems like she wishes she would have married Ex-NBA Player Grant Hill, who she dated before Smith came on the scene.

Recently, news started surfing on the internet about Jada Smith and the first boyfriend she took home for the holiday. It was none other than the former NBA star, Grant Hill.

It was Jada Pinkett Smith herself who opened up about her past relationship as per Dailymail. Grant and Jada dated for nearly two years between 1993 and 1995.

Jada was also doing well career-wise at that point. She was a part of a popular sitcom- “A different world” and had enough attention. During the Holidays at the Red Table episode, Jada Hill revealed Grant was the first boyfriend she brought home.

Decades later Jada has been surrounded by controversy for the most part of the year, she seems to put it behind her and is moving forward.

Let’s be honest Grant Hill dodged a bullet here. He would go on to marry singer Tamia and live a stress-free life for the last 20 years. You never have to worry about any entanglement stories or him slapping anyone because Tamia was off cheating with a younger man.

I bet Grant was watching the OSCARS and thinking he made the right choice to move from Jada when he did.

Flip the pages for Grant and Jada together, and all the times, Jada has embarrassed Will.

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