Fast & Furious Presents: HOBBS AND SHAW 2 (2022)Trailer #2 | Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham(Fan Made)


This is might be the most deserving franchise I should have made another version of because of how lowkey popular Hobs and Shaw 2 is.

I can see why, its because its one of those trailers I really enjoyed making as much as I enjoy watching action comedy movies.

My motivation editing this trailer is because of the new movie of The Rock called RED NOTICE (which comes second to HOBS and SHAW as my favorite Dwayne film) With that in mind, part of the success are the deleted scenes, which I’m fortunate enough to find more for this new version.

I found 2 great scenes involving The Rock and Statham that made this trailer good. I capitalized on it by making it present in the beginning, and the last.

Now for the cast beside the main once, I made sure to included Kevin Hart, Ryan Reynolds Roman Reins.

Despite the lack of action from Edris Alba, we get to see that glory in Vanessa Kirby’s role, in with the help of the movie KILL COMMAND, we get clips of her with “robot” eyes, similarly to Edris role in the movie.

For the title cards I used a cool effect and adding the 2 to complete. Like last time I really enjoyed editing this trailer, thanks to great deleted scenes and clips available I wish this was made sooner.

Its safe to say that this trailer is was done in “old school” way, since it doesn’t have a clear plot, voice overs, green screens that I usually do with my trailers. And the music, I’m glad its different from the last time.

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