Fast 10 Your Seat Belt (2023) Trailer – Vin Diesel, Cody Walker | Fast and Furious 10 (Fan Made)


After watching F9 I was inspired to make Fast and Furious 10 dream trailer. Beside making dream trailers in hopes of coming true, I also like making trailers coming soon in real life, hence F10 which is already official to come soon. For this to be good it needs to bring all the cast back (except for The Rock, since he opt out) and even Paul Walker. Based on the rumors that his brother Cody Walker will be playing for him to help bring his presence to the final installment of fast saga.

The plot is about Dom’s dad (played by Sylvester Stallone) being alive taken by Brian’s father (played by Harrison Ford). To level up the playing field they must rescue him on the moon (clips from Ad Adstra). To get fresh car in space clips we get an actual clip of the historic flying car in real life 🙂 and Tesla in space animation! Everything else is creating awesome race scene, which I did in the beginning introducing Paul Walker’s return in his iconic R34 Skyline!

Natural character reaction by Brian hearing that Jakob is joining the crew, by accusing him betraying the team (the line from Brick Mansions) There was a scene with Han driving and Shaw attacking him (call back to Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift). I also showed a “finale race” style showing the boys, including John Cena, which what everyone would want to see in fast sage the good old race.

I had a lot of fun making this trailer, because of its history in the channel (currently the most viewed video in the channel over 6m views) and my love for the franchise I did my best to make this great, and I was happy with the result.

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