Dwayne Johnson Subtly Challenges Vin Diesel’s Fast and Furious 9, Makes a Bold Claim on Black Adam’s Future After Recent Box Office Embarrassment

Earlier this year, nothing got superhero movie fans more excited than watching Black Adam. This was only because of one person, Dwayne Johnson. The former WWE Champion put all his effort and time into making this movie the best movie for DC fans.

Not only did he bring Black Adam to live action perfectly, but he also made other aspects of the movie similar to the comic book version.

While it passed its predecessor, SHAZAM! in box office numbers, it couldn’t surpass other DC movie giants like Aquaman and Wonder Woman. But its worst defeat came at the hands of the Marvel movie that came out just a month after Black Adam.

It surpassed Johnson’s movie by a huge mile, by 20X to be exact, but that was expected given the popularity of Marvel in the mainstream. But despite this colossal defeat, Johnson is pitching a potential challenge to a former movie series that he used to be a part of.

Dwayne Johnson talks about Black Adam’s recent success

While talking about his new movie, Black Adam’s success, Dwayne Johnson said in a Twitter video, “Some cool news that I got regarding Black Adam is in the domestic box office in US Black Adam is outpacing Hobbs and Shaw which is a big deal and we are coming close and we could possibly beat Fast and Furious 9 in the domestic run here in the US.”

“This is very very huge because those were very very big movies and very successful movies. So thank you guys for that. I appreciate it. And thank you for making Black Adam the biggest box office opening in my career.”

While the jury is out if Johnson’s Black Adam will be able to leave Fast 9 behind concerning the box office numbers, Johnson has already won.

His dedication and hard work in bringing these characters to life are commendable. In addition to that, he brings back another fan-favorite character in the DCEU is victory enough for their fans.

Tell us how you feel about this challenge put ahead by Johnson in the comments below. Also, tell us if you think Black Adam can surpass Fast 9.

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