Chris Rock CONFRONTS Jada Pinkett Smith After She Tries Apologizing For The Oscars


Chris Rock CONFRONTS Jada Pinkett Smith After She Tries Apologizing For The Oscars

It’s been months since the incident at the 94th Academy Awards where the Hollywood star climbed on stage to slap comedian Chris Rock over a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s alopecia condition.

Well, it looks like the rollercoaster of events hasn’t come to an end.

Jada Pinkett Smith recently commented on the Oscars incident on her Red Table Talk show saying she hopes Will Smith and Chris Rock would be able to get past it and reconcile.

Apparently, it seems Chris Rock is NOT down for that.

The comedian had a few things to say and we bet you’re just itching to know.





Chris Rock is an American standup comedian, actor, director, producer, singer, and writer. He started his professional career as a standup comedian at age of 19, by performing in numerous small nightclubs in New York City.

Chris caught the eye of the legendary American comedian and actor, Eddie Murphy while he was presenting his act at a nightspot. Murphy offering Rock his debut movie role in the movie ‘Beverly Hills Cop II’.

However, he received his first major break when he was picked up as a member of the cast for comedy series, ‘Saturday Night Live’. His career began to mirror versatility as he took to expanding his repertoire by penning the script for the film CB4, and featuring in his opening HBO series, Big Ass Jokes.

He received much publicity for his role as a commentator for Comedy Central’s talk show ‘Politically Incorrect’ during the 1996 Presidential elections. His popularity and fame as an extraordinary standup performer peaked following appearances in a string of successful HBO comedy specials.

Shortly after, his reputation began to fade and in order to revive his flagging career went back to delivering acts in small nightclubs covering controversial subjects such as race relations.

He came back with a bang by bagging significant roles in TV serials and movies.

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