CAPTAIN AMERICA 4 – Teaser Trailer (2023) Marvel Studios & Disney+ Series


The inspiration behind this video:

New MCU fan-art imagines Steve Rogers’ final mission returning all the Infinity Stones after Avengers: Endgame. The 2019 Joe and Anthony Russo blockbuster wrapped up the Infinity Saga with the defeat of Thanos.

It also functioned as the swan song to some of the franchise’s founding heroes including the former Captain America. But unlike Iron Man’s story, there are still mysteries surrounding his final fate.

After the Mad Titan was defeated in Endgame, Steve was tasked with finishing the Avengers’ remaining mission: return all the Infinity Stones back to their original location and setting from the time heist.

As Smart Hulk promised to the Ancient One, this would prevent creating multiple timelines due to the change in narrative.

This final adventure didn’t play out on screen, but the general idea was that Steve accomplished the task and went back further in time to spend the rest of his days with Peggy Carter before jumping again to the main MCU timeline to pass the shield to Sam Wilson.

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