CAPTAIN AMERICA 4 (2023) Teaser Trailer | Marvel Studios & Disney+ Anthony Mackie Movie (HD)


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Mackie and Stan have a legendary friendship that fans love witnessing from afar. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was, at least partially, born from their excellent onscreen chemistry, and though Stan said recently he hasn’t spoken to Mackie in months, the love is still there. Seeing them reunite on the big screen for Captain America 4 would no doubt make a lot of people very happy, but perhaps Stan needs to audition for Mackie to make it happen.

Right now, Captain America 4 still seems to be in the very early stages of development. Mackie only officially signed on back in August, and there haven’t been any updates since. At the time of Mackie’s casting, Marvel boss Kevin Feige said he had a release date in mind for Captain America 4, but added that it could easily change. Therefore, there’s still time for Stan to join his old pal Mackie for the movie – assuming that Mackie lets him join. After all, this is his film first and foremost.

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