Bruce Lee’s Son vs Bolo Yeung | Jeet Kune Do vs KungFu

Fighting, whether sanctioned or no-holds-barred, is without a doubt the oldest form of competition that mankind has ever engaged in. At times, it has been a necessary tool of survival, kill or be killed. That has proved an extremely effective motivation and crucible for enhancing mankind’s fighting prowess. And nowhere is appreciation for the beauty of fighting more apparent than in the wide, storied genre of martial arts cinema.

Violence is the selling point of these films, but seeing as that violence is achieved through trickery, stunt work and movie magic, it’s not truly the audience’s bloodlust that drives the industry. In this video, we are going to take a look at two martial artists, who took their fighting techniques to the big screen, Brandon Lee and Bolo Yeung. We will also try and answer the question, who would win in a street fight?

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