Bloodsport 2: Why Daniel Bernhardt Replaced Jean-Claude Van Damme

Bloodsport 2: Why Daniel Bernhardt Replaced Jean-Claude Van Damme

For what reason did Daniel Bernhardt swap Jean-Claude Van Damme for Bloodsport 2: The Next Kumite? Falling off of modest bunch of his previous jobs in the entertainment world, remembering his contemptible turn for 1986’s No Retreat, No Surrender, Van Damme at last handled his large break with the 1988 competition film Bloodsport. The film would set Van Damme on the way to becoming one of the greatest action stars on earth, while likewise actually setting the layout for underground competition combative techniques motion pictures. Despite this, Van Damme was no place to be found in the three Bloodsport continuations that would ultimately follow, with every one of the three rather being driven by Daniel Bernhardt.

The first Bloodsport saw Van Damme play a genuine figure, Frank Dux, with its reason of the competition known as the Kumite being founded all alone implied (and vigorously questioned) serious encounters. Bloodsport 2 and Bloodsport 3 would both still spin around the Kumite, with Bernhardt playing the new hero, Alex Cardo, with Bloodsport 4: The Dark Kumite considering him to be secret cop John Keller. It just so happens, Bernhardt’s entrance into the Bloodsport series would inquisitively interface with Van Damme himself.

In a new meeting with Scott Adkins on his YouTube series The Art of Action, Bernhardt uncovered that during his initial work as a model, he was cast to battle inverse Van Damme in a Johnny Versace business. Portraying this experience as his most memorable time battling on camera, Bernhardt says “at that point throughout everyday life, I had a revelation. I just realized this is what I need to do.” Bernhardt expressed that he later got a call from a maker on Bloodsport 2, with Bernhardt right away trusting it to be a wrench call and hanging up. When obviously the proposition was veritable, Bernhardt later met with the maker, with Bernhardt being offered Bloodsport 2 and marking a five-picture bargain, however Bernhardt likewise referenced that it was as yet two years before the film really occurred. Bernhardt additionally later gained from Van Damme that he had been “requiring all that to be postponed” with the goal to do Bloodsport 2, yet this at last didn’t occur.

Bernhardt likewise spoken on his often referenced actual similarity to Van Damme, something difficult to deny while taking a gander at the case workmanship for Bloodsport 2 appearance Bernhardt in the air mid-kick and furthermore showing his Van Damme-levels of adaptability. That’s what bernhardt referenced “My sibling looks considerably more like him than I do”, while additionally remarking that while he can see their similarity in pictures of Van Damme, “Assuming you see us close to one another, we look nothing indistinguishable”. Anyway, Bloodsport 2 would end up being shockingly on a similar level as the first, with Bernhardt truly showing what he can do in the film’s many battle scenes.

In the time since the Bloodsport spin-offs, Bernhardt has likewise been intensely associated with stuntwork, and is maybe more well referred to now for his jobs as Agent Johnson in The Matrix Reloaded and Kirill in John Wick. Bernhardt will likewise before long be found in the forthcoming science fiction activity film Skylin3s and will likewise repeat the job of Agent Johnson in The Matrix 4. By and by, Bloodsport 2: The Next Kumite denoted the start of his profession in real life films, and as destiny would have it, a Versace business with, in all honesty, Jean-Claude Van Damme would turn into an unforeseen passing of the light second between the two.


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