BLACK PANTHER 2: Wakanda Forever (2022) Teaser Trailer | Marvel Studios


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Namor joining Black Panther: Wakanda Forever gives Marvel the last character it needs to make a proper version of The Defenders in the MCU. According to an unconfirmed report, Mexican actor Tenoch Huerta will be playing the Avenging Son from Marvel Comics in the upcoming Black Panther sequel. If true, that would be huge news. As a character who predates even Captain America himself, Namor the Sub-Mariner is perhaps the biggest Marvel hero who has never been adapted in live-action before.

That could finally change if he and the underwater kingdom of Atlantis appear in Black Panther 2 as enemies of Wakanda. In the comics, Namor is a powerful force strong enough to more than hold his own against foes like Thor or Hulk, so he’s sure to be a more than worthy opponent for the movie’s heroes. Considering how important he is to the comics, there’s a good chance that Black Panther 2’s ending will leave the door open for him to return in future MCU projects.

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